Tommy Hilfiger Predicts Good Times

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imageThis morning, Tommy Hilfiger reminded us that it’s his world — we just live in it. In a sit-down with MSNBC’s Morning Joe gossip cutie pie Courtney Hazlett and robotic honkey Willie Geist, Hils pitched his upcoming Bravo show Ironic Iconic America, got global, talked about the economy and dished on which fashion mavens will survive the impending doom and gloom. First, he chatted about the show: “There’s sense of humor,” he promises of the series. “It’s about the good the bad and the ugly in America. If you really really dig in, you’ll see that we’ve created an incredible world culture. This is entertainment, sports, and music. We invented rock and roll. We’ve created Hollywood. Think of what we live in here in America. It’s amazing.” Know what else is amazing?

That would be Tory Burch, and how she’ll survive our grim economy on clutch purses. “Specific luxury brands may be feeling pinched,” Hilfiger admits. “But affordable brands may do well because people are thinking about how they’re living. Up and coming designers like Tory Burch are doing really well.” But enough Burching, more Hilfiger! “Interestingly enough, our brand is upscale, and it’s not at the very very top,” Hils says. “We find that people want an affordable brand. But my brand is going global now. We are so important in the world of culture.” We resonate from Tokyo to Philly, he said. Me, me, me. Oh, and you have never seen a more uncomfortable moment then the wrap-up segment with Hils standing shoulder to shoulder with neocon Peggy Noonan. Awkward.