Tomas Maier & Carolina Herrera For H&M?

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While Kate Moss is relinquishing some of her design duties at Topshop, H&M is upping their designer ante yet again with all new partnerships with Tomas Maier and Carolina Herrera. Probably. Maier, who’s Head of Creative Design at Bottega Veneta and who helms his own namesake luxury clothing label, seems to be the more likely candidate, though he’s playing coy about the subject of an upcoming collaboration. Having “posted a video titled ‘Designer Collaboration 2010’ of a male designer, his face obscured and speaking in accented English [or German, if it is in fact Maier], on their official Facebook page,” H&M has spawned a feverish guessing game. But it seems the cat is out of the bag now that a Fashionologie commenter posted, “‘It’s Tomas Maier I did a close up on his hands at a bottega veneta show and they are exactly the same…plus the shoes he is wearing in the commercial have the signature bottega veneta woven leather’.” H&M responded to the post with a simple “Good eye!”

That’s not all. There’s “another video, this time an obscured female designer. Some have pinpointed her as Carolina Herrera. The retailer expects to announce the designers’ names Sept. 9,” adds Fashionologie. Signing both designers would be a coup, given how high-end they are, but also noteworthy is the ad campaign itself, one of the most interesting from a fast fashion retailer in some time.

Photo via Harper’s Bazaar