StyleCaster Reveals the Next Generation of Stylish Night Owls

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Halloween on a Monday is an excuse for most of us to stay out late on a school night, but for New York’s professional party people, it’s just another night. Our friends at social media-powered style platform, StyleCaster, have rounded up these nightcrawlers in a timely feature called ‘Creatures of the Night.’ Snapped at Meatpacking’s rock-and-roll haunt GunBar, the story stars well-dressed nocturnals like actress Dani Baum (pictured top), DJ Mike Nouveau, and the one and only Ladyfag, and tells of how they’re changing the NY nightlife scene as we know it.

To bring more “Style to the People,” as their mantra goes, StyleCaster hooked BlackBook up with some exclusive snaps from the shoot:

image Our very own mistress of the night, Ladyfag.

image Host, DJ, and musician, Kelle Calco.

image DJ Mike Nouveau.

image GrandLife Hotel’s league of event experts: Tommy Saleh, Yadira Martinez, Sam Walker, Steven Rojas, “Spiky” Phil Meynell, and Alicia Polmanteer.

See the full feature with interviews here.

Photos: Spencer Wohlrab, StyleCaster