Store Owner Makes Own Clothes for Entire Year

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As a result of the recession, fashion’s current favorite buzzwords seem to be frugal, recession-friendly, and basically anything having to do with budget-conscious consumption. Think Target’s immensely annoying “frugalista” commercials or Nina Garcia’s upcoming tome on wallet-friendly fashion. But in addition to irritating of-the-moment vocab, the economic downturn has likewise produced some pretty interesting DIY movements. Take for instance The Uniform Project, the attempt of one fashion blogger to don the same dress for an entire year. Or consider the endeavor or a different DIY blogger following suit.

Meet Natalie Purschwitz, the face behind both the Vancouver boutique Hunt and Gather as well as MakeShift, an art and research project. Put simply, “Purschwitz has set out to hand craft every item in her wardrobe for one whole year, including all undergarments, socks, shoes and accessories,” says PSFK. The endeavor, which launched September 1, is no small feat. So far Purschwitz is only on day 35 (all outfits are accounted for on Purshwitz’s blog), but if the ensembles so far are any indication of what’s in store, this is a DIY project well worth keeping tabs on.