Sting De-Beards

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imageDamned erratic musicians. One minute they set standards for cool, the next minute they flip. As we noted earlier, Sting had been sporting a beard, proudly reporting that women liked it, and he had no plans to shave anytime soon. But he lied! During last night’s Police reunion farewell concert at Madison Square Garden, the frontman went smooth-faced and invited all fans to watch it go down. “After the main set, a backstage camera showed an extremely bearded Sting laying back in a barber chair. Two blonde women began furiously shaving his beard with an electric razor, while men shined his shoes and gave him a manicure. When the hair was short enough they coated his face with shaving cream and used a disposable razor to finish the job (“C’mon, use a straight razor!” yelled a guy near me.).”