Sam Worthington Goes Payless to Avoid “Goblin” Feet

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Avatar star Sam Worthington has fast become a bona fide poster boy for Payless, although somewhat by accident. In prepping for the Oscars this month, Worthington did what most Hollywood heavyweights do: he borrowed a tux. It was from Brioni to be exact. But rather than acquire matching uptown footwear, Worthington went out on his own and purchased what he told the AP were a pair of “20-buck Payless shoes.” Apparently, Worthington added, “they’re comfortable, and the ones they gave me made me look like a goblin.”

Well, the joke is on Brioni — the Dexter Pembroke shoe, which Worthington procured at Payless, has sold out. That said, upon hearing that Worthington wore Payless to the black-tie affair, “he did more than give the budget-friendly brand a boost, he got them debating,” says Women’s Wear Daily, regarding the fact that even the brand itself wasn’t quite sure which style Worthington sported. Christian Siriano, for one, would be proud.

While Worthington’s fashion choices have certainly stirred up commentary, not all of it has been positive. Sam’s impressive red carpet presence didn’t quite carry over to his presentation abilities, where he wore black thick-rimmed glasses and chewed gum on the stage. The glasses aren’t much of an issue, but many believe the chewing of gum to be a rookie faux pas.

Lest we forget, Sam Worthington didn’t get the part of Avatar’s Jake Sully due to his worldly nature and fashion acumen. James Cameron hired him to ACT, and below, James discusses the amount of time and energy it takes to create the leading-man performance for Avatar. After all, if Worthington chewed gum whilst ACTING, it could just be CGI-ed out.