Ronaldo Furious Over Vanity Fair Retouching

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Retouching has gone too far. From missing hips to artificially augmented clothing, fashion magazines and clothing labels have taken Photoshop to the extreme and spawned quite a backlash as a result. Now, rather than ask for temporary Botox injections and liposuction by way of professional retouchers, some celebrities and models are appearing flaws and all in editorials, by choice. While magazines are catching on slowly, there are still more culprits than not. The latest offender isVanity Fair. “The world’s highest-paid soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo, is fuming that VFput him on the cover in tight underpants with rival player Didier Drogba,” says Page Six. But no, Ronaldo wasn’t upset he was placed on the cover of an internationally recognized publication in his skivvies.

It was the fact that Vanity Fair Photoshopped the two soccer stars next to one another that has Ronaldo so upset. “Ronaldo is freaking out,” a source said. “He says he wants to sue Vanity Fair for using his image to promote the issue everywhere,” they added. At least it was nowhere near as humiliating as Kobe Bryant’s recent stint as a cover star.