Olivier Zahm’s First Art Show

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In case you haven’t gotten enough of Olivier Zahm and his T&A-filled photos, they’re coming to the Lower East Side. The king of soft core-meets-couture is having his debut art show at NYC’s Half Gallery. Opening December 1 and on view through the new year, the show is likely to feature many of the same photos one can find on Purple Fashion’s blog, Purple Diary. Lots of naked ladies, hard-partying celebrities, and the occasional beautiful shot of a Parisian garden or NYC skyline.

The image (pictured here) which currently graces the Half Gallery’s homepage may seem demure, but this exhibit is likely to house as explicit photos as those filing Purple’s pages. Whatever your thoughts on Zahm’s increasingly larger-than-life persona, the exhibition is bound to draw quite a crowd and a fair bit of press attention. Whether or not it’ll encourage feelings of Zahm being New York’s best or worst human being remains to be seen.