Men Get the Shoulder Memo

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If there was one ubiquitous style last year, it was the padded shoulder. Balmain brought the ’80s style back, while everyone from Zara to H&M subsequently knocked off the Dynasty-appropriate silhouette. Everywhere one looked women were two inches taller in the case of their shoulders. But, it’s not until this season that men’s wear has truly taken note. According to Women’s Wear Daily, male shoppers can expect “sharp lines, bold construction and strong shoulders with hard angles” come fall.

Although, that’s not to say men should be following the Balmain model. Read: avoid shoulder pads at all costs. Think more along the lines of Wall Street circa the late 80s and early 90s. Welcome the year that will see the resurrection of the power suit (for that you can, at least in part, thank Oliver Stone). And, that goes for ladies–just look to FW10 collections from Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors or Alexander Wang–too.