Madonna & Ann Taylor: Photoshop Two Ways

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The anti-retouching push has been monumental in recent months. Celebrities and models alike have stepped up to be photographed without artificial enhancement of their bodies and faces. French Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar went the no-retouching route for recent issues, as did Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears. Then there’s Madonna. While she may not have asked for it (as Spears did), photos of her sitting for Louis Vuitton’s FW09 ad campaign without any tightening and tweaking have been released. Today, BryanBoy posted four images from the Steven Klein shoot that show Madge sans photoshop. While the coug has been snapped au natural by paparazzi countless times, seeing the side-by-side comparison of the ad images pre and post-retouching is pretty shocking.

Meanwhile, Ann Taylor, a brand that’s been sinking quite a bit of money into revamping its image, has been caught with its heavily retouched pants down. Jezebel pulled a few shots from Ann Taylor’s e-commerce site that give the impression a certain photoshop maven got a little heavy-handed with their smoothing tools. “This model’s silhouette looks like it was plotted on graph paper and then cut out with an X-acto knife,” Jezebel says of one look. Whatever retoucher Ann Taylor is employing, Jezebel quips, there’s no denying they might as well have gone to “the Gumby School Of Photoshop For People Who Like To Make Women Look Weird.”