Mac x Rodarte No More

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About a month ago controversy began brewing as a result of Rodarte having launched a makeup collaboration with MAC that took its inspiration from an unlikely place: Juarez, Mexico. Having cited the same town as an influence on the luxury fashion brand’s SS10 collection, Rodarte came under a firestorm of criticism for having referenced a factory town notorious for its violence and aggression against women. The Frisky was the first to call foul, but the call to arms became so robust that MAC and Rodarte eventually issued an apology and vowed to put proceeds towards the betterment of Juarez. But now it seems the controversy has become too much: MAC has pulled the line entirely; it will not be produced and it will not be sold in stores.

In other makeup collaboration news, actress Gabourey Sidibe is apparently hopping on the bandwagon with Bobbi Brown. The actress is rumored to be in talks to design her very own line of makeup. (Although, the catalyst to these rumors was merely Sidibe visiting Bobby Brown’s offices so it may be just as likely she’ll play spokesperson for a Bobbi Brown line as well.)