Federer vs. Nadal: Blazer vs. Pirate Pants

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As Wimbledon kicks off today, a style war is breaking out on the tennis courts pitting Roger Federer’s traditional preppy style against Rafael Nadal’s swarthy pirate look. “Roger is so distinguished-looking,” one-time Wimbledon champion and BBC Wimbledon commentator Virginia Wade tells the Guardian. “So refined. His hair is always perfect, his clothes are always elegant.” Nadal’s look “is a little bit more of a rebel”, says Wade.

“It was the Nike marketing guys who came up with [Nadal’s] pirate shorts, but it’s a look that really suits him,” says another former player, Annabel Croft. “He has the most incredible aura when he walks on to court, because of that physique: he’s like a gladiator. And his clothes are part of that look.” Croft was also taken with Federer’s white pants and blazer outfit he worn onto Wimbledon center court. “It is so Old Wimbledon. It takes a lot of confidence to wear that, because it’s such a strong statement — if you walk out looking like that, you’ve got to be able to back it up and win. Which, of course, he can. Roger is absolutely stunning, on court and off — such panache. And that gorgeous hair!”

Keep in mind, however, that Federer has “close friend” Vogue editrix Anna Wintour as his personal stylist. Nadal is on his own. Poor guy.