Did Lindsay Lohan & James Franco Pose Nude for Terry Richardson this Weekend?

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Now, we don’t normally push hearsay, but this is just nuts. Today, Jezebel reported that Lindsay Lohan may have signed a million dollar deal to pose nude for an explicit photography book, shot by none other than provocative fashion photographer Terry Richardson. And she’s posing alongside James Franco. And the piece is already being compared to Madonna’s notorious 1992 book, Sex. The photos were apparently shot this past Saturday.

We’re no prudes here, but honestly: How is nudity even an option for Lohan right now? We absolutely loved her Vanity Fair photos, and we know that Richardson also snaps pervy amazing high-fashion shots for a number of well-respected magazines, so why couldn’t they have taken a more stylistic approach? An ultra-sophisticated, fashion-forward shoot would really be a breath of fresh air, compared to the ever-growing list of controversial moves she’s gravitated towards as of late.

As for Franco, his (alleged) participation doesn’t surprise us much—especially since he’s already performed a series of interesting stunts in the name of “the arts” before. But in light of his lackluster attempt to host the Oscars last night, this might have not been the best move for him, either.

That is, of course, if any of this is true.

Photo: Terry Richardson