‘Dear Abby’ Praises Skirt-Wearing Man

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imageNew York mag’s The Cut has been keeping tabs on the trend of men donning skirts for some time now. And, yes, it is a bona fide trend. Not only is fashion maven Marc Jacobs a convert — he sported a Comme de Garcons version to take a bow after his SS09 collection presentation, and a purple suede style out on the town with Victoria Beckham. Skirts likewise surfaced on the SS09 runways of everyone from CdG and John Galliano to Etro. And they’re on the streets too, as snapped by the Sartorialist. But now, it seems the style has finally reached the mainstream.

“Phil in Philadelphia” wrote in to advice column “Dear Abby”: “My problem is unusual, but I’m hoping if you address it in your column it will help. I’m a married man, confident in who I am, who wears skirts for comfort. I feel skirts are more comfortable than pants, which I find tight, restrictive and uncomfortable. I wear skirts around the house, when I’m out running errands and when I attend church. My clergyman has raised no objection to it …”

Phil goes on to raise a very interesting argument: “Pants are a relatively new style of clothing. For thousands of years of recorded history, men and women both wore skirts. Then women fought for and won the right to wear pants, shorts, whatever they wanted — which is great. I believe men should have the same option. My wife supports me in this.” As always, Dear Abby’s advice is both appropriate and poignant. See for yourself here.