Curls Make Comeback; Teens Take September Covers By Storm

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Maybe its Farah Fawcett’s passing or a trend towards embracing what’s au natural and non-artificial, but curls are back. Beyonce was seen sporting what looked like a wet curl (ringlet bands included) on the street this week. Lara Stone wears a decidedly 40s take on pulled back curls on the September cover of Vogue Paris. Not to mention Kate Moss and Jennifer Anniston (who both typically sports stick straight hairstyles), can be seen with curls on the covers of W and Elle‘s September issues, respectively. And speaking of covers, model Freja channels soon-to-be silver screen star, The September Issue‘s Grace Coddington’s wild curls on the cover of the new Purple Fashion.

As for other cover stars soon to hit newsstands near you, expect quite a few specimens from the under-18 set. POP has just released its September cover image – one which pictures 13-year-old fashion blogger Tavi, whose blog The Style Rookie has caught the attention of the entire industry (Damien Hirst also lends his artwork to the refreshingly original cover). And POP isn’t the only one paying homage to fashion’s new blood. Yesterday I noted Love‘s usage of Sting scion and barely legal Coco Sumner for its second issue (an alternate version of which features fellow 18-year-old Alex Hartley). Ironically, POP is Katie Grand, the editor-in-chief of Love‘s, old stomping ground. Great minds? Perhaps. Considering teenage pop star Miley Cyrus and Harry Potter‘s Emma Watson have been making the cover rounds as well, they’re not the only ones.