Clothing Company Moonlights As Break-Up Service

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In what is either a genius marketing ploy or a genuine attempt at offering a useful service, clothing company Moosejaw is providing its very own break-up service. “Outdoor gear retailer Moosejaw [recently]… took on the nasty task of ending romantic relationships. Moosejaw employees phoned 200 unsuspecting souls at the behest of customers, acting as proxy to inform them ‘it’s over,'” says Women’s Wear Daily. “The retailer also arranged a few love connections among the just jilted.” Now that’s what you call customer service. “We started making the calls for the first 100 customers wanting to use the Moosejaw Break Up Service. We got a lot of voicemails, but it was clear this is important work,” Moosejaw writes on its blog above a video of Melissa, a Moosejaw employee, breaking up with an unsuspecting Parker on behalf of customer Carly because “you are not going anywhere in life and you may have gotten a little bit fat.”

Ouch. Despite it being the epitome of cowardice, the break-up service is a wildly smart initiative and a great example for the ways in which fashion brands can loosen up and take advantage of viral space. If you want to play voyeur, Moosejaw has constructed its very own Youtube channel. Check out the rest of the cringe-inducing calls here.