Dior Homme’s New Drapes and Shapes

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On Saturday, the Dior Homme show took place in a giant warehouse with an impressively designed set: gauzy white fabric walls spiraled into a maze the models walked through before appearing on a circular runway, marching to brooding beats. The whole thing made for an intense dramatic effect, but if the mood was dark, the clothing was all about lightness. Designer Kris Van Asche’s latest collection for the sleek menswear label was about deconstruction, unlined wool jackets draped into billowing forms that hit the floor, suits seemed to be made from air, and tanks and shirts were cutaway to reveal a little skin.

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As was the case last season, the looks were mainly monochrome in neutral palettes of black, navy, and “greige.” It was a new uniform for the Dior Homme customer, a way to dress up and still look very cool.


Among the best pieces were thin, karate-style v-necks sure to keep you as cool as a cucumber through the sweltering heat of summer (it’s real hot here in Paris right now). Talk about staying cool; they’ll never see you sweat in these clothes!

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