Did Amanda Palmer Lead Pantsless Revolution for Beth Ditto, Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan?

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Sometimes as certain trends in fashion — ones that baffle those outside the industry as well as within — are worth putting the spectacle of worldwide hot-messery on hold for a moment. If only to speculate on the origins of said trend. And while TriKap walk-of-shamers and Britney Spears have invariably found themselves sans pants at some point or other, neither really made an intentional habit of upending stylistic decorum as we know it. Even in 2007, The Gossip siren Beth Ditto pulled a similar fashion coup; but the earliest adopter for the look appeared to be none other than Brechtian punk cabaret queen Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls.

In 2006, the Dolls curiously booked a gig on The Jimmy Kimmel Show and frontwoman-turned-soloist Palmer appeared clad in a The Who t-shirt and delightfully jailbird-print stockings.

After that, Ditto tried the look and kept refining it. Then Lady Gaga used it as part of the latest in a series of enduring headline-grabbing tactics and even scored a Japanese Vogue cover. And then the trend died unceremoniously when LiLo started making a habit of it.

Still, there are those so desperate to fit in with the glitterati that going pantsless is just a coke line away from filming I Know Who Killed Me. For them we light a candle. Or sing the song below, which started the madness.