Change Your Hair Like You Change Your Underwear

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Maybe you picked up a nasty scar on your forehead that won’t heal until spring. Maybe you’re starring in a hit TV series that requires you not change your look. Maybe your forehead is feeling pretty cold these days. For whatever reason, it might be time to make a temporary change. Thanks to Urban Outfitters, you can now add bangs to your ensemble in a matter of minutes—no scissors required. On sale now, the clip-on bangs are made from real human hair! This means you can torture them just as you do your own hair—styling by way of straightener, curling iron, or dye will not damage the locks (anymore than it damages your own hair).

Available in five colors, the clip-on doesn’t even need to be washed (unless you detect a foul odor). And if you find yourself looking more Kathy Griffin than Zooey Deschanel, there’s no shame in trashing this $30 headpiece.