Edward Enninful Celebrates Diversity & the American Dream in Gap Campaign

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Gap has long been an iconic brand in American culture. Their minimalist campaigns have featured everyone from Cindy Crawford to Madonna to Lenny Kravitz, all exuding a sense of life that many fashion brands trade in for sex appeal.

For Gap’s latest campaign, they went across the pond to tap Edward Enninful and his creative vision.

“Growing up in England, I’d look at America, the land of the free, the home of the brave,” Enninful said. “I remember loving all the Gap ads with the black and white, where I’d see people that looked like me of different ages, races, and sexuality. This whole sort of American optimism I see in Gap has been with me from a young age, and I wanted to do something to celebrate that.”

The campaign continues that legacy with some of today’s most promising talent. Bridging the Gap celebrates diversity and unity, utilizing the classic white t-shirt as a blank canvas, allowing such names as Priyanka Chopra, Jonathan Groff, and Wiz Khalifa to celebrate their true selves. The cast sings along to Boney M’s “Sunny” while sporting their Gap apparel, adding that extra level of fashionable fun.

Watch Edward Enninful’s Gap campaign, Bridging the Gap below:

IMAGES FROM PARIS: Colette Party for the Launch of Sofia Sanchez’ New ‘CHUFY’ Collection

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Sofia Sanchez de Betak has been a busy girl. The jet-setting stylista has long been a style influencer – but last night in Paris she made it exceedingly official, launching her own fashion line CHUFY, in conjunction with her new Assouline book Travels With CHUFY.

On hand at to celebrate at Colette were the famous and the fabulous, including  Natalia Vodianova, Peter Lindbergh and Jean Baptiste Mondino.




HOPE Stockholm Co-Founder Ann Ringstrand Launches New Brand in NYC

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Last night in Soho, the co-founder of iconic Swedish brand HOPE Stockholm, Ann Ringstrand, launched her eponymous new collection to raves. The line features three exquisite blends of scents she developed with her Paris team and gemstone jewelry which marries 60s Scandinavian style with native mala beading.

From black tourmaline to white howlite to dark red jasper, each energetically charged piece was locally sourced and hand cut into uneven beads by artisans in Brazil. The fragrances and oils are meant to compliment the jewelry, with scents designed to linger on the gemstones and keep you connected to yourself while you navigate the rigors of the modern urban world.

“The story is that I have always created designs and concepts that reflect the time we live in,” she told us. “My path has travelled through the field of fashion towards this lifestyle concept that touches our senses. During my 25 years as a designer, I have constantly lived my life in the fast lane, focusing on the future. The now has never been on my agenda. Neither have goals been described as feelings.”

But with these new projects, she explained how she is attempting to slow things down, to be more reflective and inward-looking.

“I finally came to a point where I was missing the feeling of present life,” she revealed. “I started searching for tools to support my need to be in the moment. I discovered that a fantastic way to get in contact with myself was to include my senses. My new brand actually carries both native wisdom from the world of spirituality and a design for urban life that matches my aesthetic style.”

For the opening event, she collaborated with her former Lower East Side studio mate, sculptor Maria Moyer, to create one-of-a-kind sculptures and fragrance diffusers inspired by – and made specifically for – the new brand.  All were exhibited in the showroom of their third studio partner, lighting designer Lindsey Adelman. Together they created an atmosphere that eloquently exuded the ultimate essence of Ann Ringstrand.




Celebs Come Out for Glamorous Opening of NYC’s Maxwell’s Chophouse

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Sarika Rastogi, Pippa Cohen and Fiona Bora

Certainly everyone is gearing up for the beach season – which in New York means the reopening of all our Hamptons faves. But Wednesday evening saw a decidedly fab crowd gather for one last glamorous Manhattan bash, before digging out the swimsuits for the Memorial Day weekend.

The occasion? The opening of Maxwell’s Chophouse, NoMad’s newest dining hotspot. With the Avion Tequila cocktails flowing, mother and daughter proprietors Babette Haddad and Melissa Haddad Malaga hosted a glittering guest list: Oscar winner Marisa Tomei, actress Zuleikha Robinson, Real Housewives‘ Dorinda Medley and John Mahdessian, HGTV’s Genevieve Gorder, supermodel Alex Lundqvist, fashion designer Carlos Campos, Brit rockers The Struts…and superstar DJ Elle Dee manning the decks.

Maxwell’s itself is poised to be one of the summer’s hottest scenes, serving up steakhouse classics and seafood specialties in a plush, grandiose space, with patterned floors, high-ceilings and lots of swanky gold trimmings. But stylistas will surely be fighting for space on spectacular rooftop, with its jaw-dropping downtown views.

  • Marisa Tomei and Babette Haddad
  • Zuleikha Robinson and Alexander Klingspor
  • Scott Lipps
  • Carlos Campos
  • Avion Tequila
  • Bruce Perlmutter, Prudence Inzerillo, Carson Kressley
  • DJ Elle Dee
  • Luke Ditella, Charles Thorpe
  • Rooftop Garden

Birchbox Man’s Kyle Bergman Reveals the Secret Grooming Products He Swears By

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No matter where you shop for your bathroom products, it seems like there’s at least three separate aisles stuffed with grooming ‘essentials’ in every store. How to navigate such an extensive selection of oils, and creams, and gels, and essences? Some sites will tell you less is more, to stick to one tried-and-true product, while others will note the importance of several different mineral extractions to keep you from turning into a wrinkled up prune.

In situations like these, there’s only one sure solution: turn to the real experts. Which is why, to celebrate the five-year anniversary of Birchbox, we’ve enlisted the sage self-care wisdom of Birchbox Man’s Grooming & Lifestle Merchant, Kyle Bergman, to tell us, once and for all: what should we be using to our skin and hair feeling its best?

Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash Traveler: “I love a face wash that foams nicely and leaves my skin feeling super clean, almost to the point of dry after using (and before I apply moisturizer),” says Bergman. “Not only does this face wash do just that, but it’s made with high-grade natural and organic ingredients that you can actually pronounce.”
Ernest Supplies Protective Matte Moisturizer: “This product comes in an awesome travel-sized pouch, and the moisturizer does a great job hydrating with a matte finish that makes you forget you put it on.”
Kiehl’s Body Fuel All-In-One Energizing Wash for Hair & Body: “A great travel product hitting two birds with one stone, which can often times be ideal when on the road.  I love the smell that also lasts but not in an overpowering way.  Subtle, but effective.”

If you shave…
Harry’s Truman Razor: “I love the rubber grip handle in olive, and the new generation of this razor has a single blade on the head of the razor for closer, detailed shave spots.  The durable, flexible handle makes it easy to toss into any dopp kit or gym bag.”
Jack Black Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lather: “Just as the name the says, the consistency of this product is so thick yet viscous that when I use this I imagine that’s what it feels like to shave a nice puffy, cumulus cloud.”

Proraso Liquid Aftershave Cream: “We don’t carry a ton of travel-size aftershave products, but this cream from Proraso is too good to pass up, and technically meets the travel-size requirements at 3.4 oz.  Super hydrating with slight hints of green tea and oatmeal, this is simply the best aftershave product I’ve ever used for my skin.”

If you rock a beard or some facial hair…
Northern Fir Beard Co. Beard Oil: “A relatively new brand, this 100% organic beard oil has a crisp, woodsy scent, and does a killer job hydrating a dude’s beard as well as the skin underneath it.”

All housed in the…
Tooletries KOBY Bag: “Durable, waterproof, made from 100% silicone, complete with a rubber over-molded zipper, it’s roomy, leaf-proof, and incredibly easy to clean if one of your products’ caps happens to be a little loose (we’ve all been there).”

Anna Wintour and Tina Brown’s Rivalry Is Being Made Into a ‘Feud’-Style Bravo Show

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Anna Wintour and Tina Brown are the latest iconic rivals to be immortalized on the silver screen, though this time Ryan Murphy didn’t get there first. That’s because Bravo is making a show a la “Feud” about the two Condé Nast legends and their careers.

The six-hour limited series is titled “All That Glitters” and is based upon the novel “Newhouse,” by Thomas Maier, Variety reports. The show will follow Wintour and Brown ascend the male-dominated ranks of Vogue and Vanity Fair and The New Yorker, respectively. Even after Brown stepped down from her roles at VF and TNY, she and Wintour continued to remain decidedly frenemies.

The show is produced by the minds behind “The Walking Dead” and “Masters of Sex.” we’re hoping for a Devil Wears Prada meets “Feud” meets War of the Worlds.

All That Glitters” is naturally quite similar to “Feud: Bette and Joan,” but it’s also not so unlike another new show set to air on Freeform: “The Bold Type,” based off of Cosmopolitan’s Joanna Coles. Though we’re hoping this one is the bitchiest, most Priestly-esque of the lot.

WATCH: Behind-the-Scenes Video of Kendall Jenner’s Vogue India Cover Shoot WIth Mario Testino

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Image courtesy of Vogue India 

For the its 10th anniversary cover shoot, Vogue India cagily brought together one of fashion’s most exalted photographers with one of the world’s most high-profile models. Indeed, in his first gig for the Indian edition of magazine, Mario Testino shot Kendall Jenner in an array of absolutely stunning locations around the city of Jaipur to striking effect.

To commemorate the landmark collaboration, Vogue India created a visually dazzling behind-the-scenes video. Perhaps the most resplendent moment shows an exotically frocked Jenner ethereally ambling through the lavish Samode Palace.

Watch the full video here.


Kenzo Film Finds Color & Life in Nigerian Youth

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Kenzo has featured numerous big names in their short films. From Natasha Lyonne to Tracee Ellis Ross, the brand knows how to tell a fashionable story with some of our favorite stars. Their latest short film takes a different approach, focusing on the vibrant youth of Nigeria.

The visual is an offshoot of Kenzo’s folio project, the brand’s new publication focusing on their collections, and is titled Gidi Gidi Bụ Ugwu Eze, which translates to “unity is strength.” A celebration of Nigeria’s youth in the Igbo community of Nsukka, the film displays the culture’s traditional activities.

Directed by Akinola Davies Jr, Gidi Gidi Bụ Ugwu Eze is accompanied by a portfolio from photographer Ruth Ossai, who’s of dual Igbo/Yorkshire heritage. The town holds special significance for Ossai, who cast the film from churches, schools and markets in Nsukka.

Watch the video featuring Kenzo’s spring ’17 collection below:

In Search of the Perfect Nude: Les Francaises. Interview: Sonia Sieff

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As a voyeur, a straight man, a lover of women, I am and have always been, and likely always will be, eternally, in search of the perfect nude. I have had a few lovers and I have been an aesthete from early on. Perhaps it is what drove me to be an editor of arts & culture publications like BlackBook. As a writer for BlackBook I have lived between the cities of New York, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Paris, London, and Milan. Beyond a cultured life, this is relevant because my existence has been mostly in apartment dwellings. From rear windows I have observed, unbeknownst to them, naked beauties in their most natural states going about simple daily chores. And in my eternal quest to find the perfect nude I have riffed through the pages of the masters’ books – Helmut Newton, Avedon, Irving Penn, Lucien Clergue, Andre De Dienes, Araki, Jeanloup Sieff, others.

Eight years past, while in Milan during fashion week I met Sonia Sieff. There for the shows, to write a few fashion stories for BlackBook, I was staying in a quaint offbeat boutique hotel. An artist friend called to invite me to supper at a local trattoria, which I politely declined out of exhaustion from the day’s events.

My friend would not take no for an answer and I was persuaded to join. At dinner I met a young neophyte fashion photographer and her beautiful accomplice, an actress whom she traveled with that day from Paris to Italy, to shoot nudes using the resplendent architectural landscape of Milan as environmental fodder. The two ladies were a piece of literature telling their story as they lived it. From the second we sat across from one another and dined on that warm Milanese evening, Sonia and I would become lifelong friends.

Like her father, the late transcendent Jeanloup Sieff, Sonia Sieff has her own unique ideology, style, fascination with life and beauty, and would follow in her father’s footsteps; but only on her very individual and strong willed terms. Les Francaises is Sonia’s stunning collection of exquisite nude photographs, of equally intriguing women subjects. The vulnerable women in the book are all friends of Sonia, which makes it personal. This creation, for Sonia, is her opportunity to be real and not cast nor produced like the fashion shoots she does for clients. Les Francaises is Sonia’s first book that captures the warmth, love, friendship, a genuineness, which extends into the images and on to the pages. It is that same feeling of creating a real life story, sans pretense, that drives Sonia in her personal and professional life. I know first-hand.

The photographs capture the sensuality of The French and the author. They tell stories using the sweeping landscapes of Europe, Paris and Normandy; the austerity vs the romantic intimacy of architectural theaters and cathedrals. And, the subtlety of nothing more than a sublime naked body in a chair, a drape, a stairwell, a turquoise blue sea, a blue frilled pillow tickling a woman’s bottom. The dramatic juxtaposition of these intriguing and resplendent bare-skinned women against the broad and intimate landscapes, is what creates the dynamism and elevated individuality of Sonia’s first book.

Just before the book was published by Rizzoli this past February 2017, Sonia and I met in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for a few days of laughs, food and wine, during an uncharacteristically warm New York winter. We pretended it was spring.



Why and when did you start shooting pictures? Tell us the story.  

I started shooting pictures when I was 17. My father Jeanloup Sieff had offered me my first camera, a Nikon FM2, for my birthday while we were in Death Valley in the US. The film I had put in the camera didn’t work properly and I was so upset that my father left me one hour to re-do the pictures I had lost: photography had become a passion! 

Is there a story to your work, a philosophical idea, something that ties life, art, creativity, work, etc, all together? 

I had the chance to be raised in an inspiring world. My parents were part of the amazing years, friends with Avedon, Newton, Yves Saint Laurent and many great artists. My home was a great ballet of talented people. And at the same time we were very strong as a family, loving to exchange ideas and our works. I knew that doing books was the only thing that will stay. Photography is instantaneous, a clic clac in the silence, a second in a life. Books are timeless. Nudes as well.

Is there an idea behind the book, why have you made it? 

I have always loved working on bodies, skin and portraits. I had also the chance to have amazing and wonderful friends who inspired me. The 30s is a magical age, mature but still wonderful. I wanted to picture the women I admire in their world. It is a book of real women not retouched who all are my friends and who could be my sisters.

Your father was famous for his nudes and your first book are nudes. Tell us more. 

Yes, I believe it is running in my blood! However, our approach is different, he was working in black and white shooting mainly in vertical whereas my nudes are in color in horizontal. I started working on movie sets and my references are mainly cinematic. 

You started shooting for the print world only. Now, how does photography connect to the digital world for you? 

We were the generation who had the chance to start working in films before the 2000s and then we were still young when digital arrived. We had to adapt ourselves to this new technology. Digital has brought a lot, democratized photography as well as social media. But more than before we desperately need pictures that stay, books to look at. We need a balance to this “swipe” world.

You live in Paris and Normandy, does the political landscape of the world, the move toward conservatism and the right, impact your work? 

Now in France we are preparing ourselves for the elections. More than before we have to fight against conservatism and the extremes. We are following what Trump has started destroying, and Brexit in the U.K. My personal story has a terrible echo to what is now happening in the world. My father was Ashkenazi (Jew) who came from Poland and escaped by miracle from the camps and the Gestapo by crossing France as he was ten years old, on a bicycle under a fake name. My mother is German and emigrated to France at 20. We strongly need to react and create a voice against the dangerous leaders who are creating struggles in our world. I have started by giving my voice to feminism, by participating in debates, podcasts, preparing documentaries to show another way.


Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 3.30.30 PM