Madonna Seeks Legal Help to Halt Auction of Her Panties and Tupac Letter

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Madonna sought an emergency court order after learning her used panties and a letter from her former boyfriend, Tupac, were up for auction via Gotta Have It! Collectibles.

A New York state Supreme Court judge acquiesced, halting the impending auction of the goods, which Madonna was “shocked to learn” were being sold, according to Billboard. She added that the sale is “outrageous and grossly offensive,” and that she hadn’t even known the items were no longer in her possession. The pieces were apparently brought to auction by a “former friend,” again according to Billboard.

The letter in question is one that recently surfaced, and something Tupac wrote to Madonna in prison, where he explained that his reason for breaking up with her was because she was white.

“For you to be seen with a black man wouldn’t in any way jeopardize your career,” he wrote. “If anything it would make you seem that much more open and exciting. But for me at least in my previous perception I felt due to my ‘image’ I would be letting down half of the people who made me what I thought I was. I never meant to hurt you.” The auction house is expected to take action to try and continue with sale of the goods, according to the New York Post.

Classic Simpsons Episodes Predicted the Trump Era

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Plenty has been written about The Simpsons‘ uncanny ability to predict major events in culture and politics. But we came across a pair of classic episodes recently that seemed to particularly accurately foretell of some of the more unsettling aspects of the Trump era.

In 1998’s Trash of the Titans, Homer picks a dubious battle with the Springfield Sanitation Commissioner (played by Steve Martin), and decides to run against him. He makes all manner of ridiculous promises (sound familiar?), and actually wins – only to predictably crash and burn once in office. His mismanagement ends in the entirety of Springfield having to be physically moved five miles down the road. (Best scene: While campaigning, Homer gets up on stage with U2, leading to The Edge and Larry Mullen Jr. sneering at Bono’s usual self-righteous “save the planet” grandstanding.)



The brilliant 2000 episode The Computer Wore Menace Shoes finds Homer launching a website under the pseudonym Mr. X, and accidentally scoring a few major scoops – leading to a Pulitzer. When there’s not enough real and juicy news to keep up his site traffic, Homer just starts fabricating stories (i.e. “fake news”). “I’ll just make up some news!,” he enthuses – causing Lisa to reply with a pained sigh, “At least take off your Pulitzer Prize when you say that.”

Want to know what the world’s going to look like in 2030? Watch The Simpsons.


Madonna’s Mercy James Pediatric Center Opens in Malawi This Week

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Image courtesy of Raising Malawi

Fulfilling a commitment she made on her first visit to Malawi back in April 2006, Madonna will open the Mercy James Institute for Pediatric Surgery and Intensive Care on Tuesday, July 11, in the town on Blantyre. It will be the first of its kind in the Southern African nation.

The center is appropriately named for Madonna’s Malawian-born, adopted daughter, and is a partnership between the Malawian Health Ministry and her charitable organization Raising Malawi.

“Malawi has enriched my family more than I could have ever imagined,” says the singer and tireless activist. “It’s important for me to make sure all my children from the country maintain a strong connection to their birth nation, and equally important to show them that together, humans have the power to change the world for the better.”

The Institute will allow for double the number of surgeries to be performed on children annually. And perhaps even more importantly, it will act as a specialized training center for local doctors, equipping them with urgently needed pediatric surgical skills. With nearly half the country’s population under the age of 15, and an alarming shortage of surgeons, Mercy James could not be more imperative, surely saving many lives that might have otherwise been lost.

Madonna continues, “When you look into the eyes of children in need, wherever they may be, a human being wants to do anything and everything they can to help. I’d like to thank everyone who has joined me on this unbelievable journey. What started out as a dream for Malawi and her children has become a reality, and we couldn’t have done it without your support.”

Donations can be made at this link.




This Iggy Pop PETA Video Will Warm Your Heart

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He once remarked that he ate steak every day. And his decades-long immersion in rock & roll debauchery was, of course, the stuff of legend.

But when not on stage, Iggy Pop now lives a fairly laid-back life in Miami, and adheres to a strict vegan/macrobiotic diet. This nutritional awakening has coincided with a greater consciousness regarding animal rights and a focus on their humane treatment – including his appearance in a promotional PETA video about the horrifying abuse of baby seals.

But his newest spot for PETA trades the pathos for heartwarming heroism – with an animated Iggy roaming the streets and forests, rescuing animals from a masked villain who is intending to do them harm. Nick Cave’s uncharacteristically folkie 2004 song “Breathless” provides the soundtrack, with the Head Bad Seed appropriately crooning, “The sky of daytime dies away / And all the earthly things they stop to play / For we are all breathless without you.”

Notably, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) had actually lost a bit of its zeitgeisty relevance in the new century – after being the “pet” celebrity cause of the ’90s. But a greater overall consciousness regarding healthy, sustainable eating has brought their work very much back to the fore. Minus the blood splattered fur.


Katy Perry Is Being Attacked for Telling Her Teacup Poodle to Chase Koalas

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Katy just can’t seem to win these days – the pop star is now under fire for saying “Let’s go chase some koalas, Nugget” to her teacup poodle, Nugget, in a commercial for the Australian retail brand Myer.

Apparently, dogs attacking koalas is a huge problem in Australia: The Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection reports that appoximately 110 koalas are killed by dogs every year just in that region.

In Miss Perry’s defense, that environmental analysis also says “dogs over 10kg were responsible for 96 per cent of attacks on koalas.” Nugget is a micro teacup poodle. She certainly weighs less than 22 pounds.

Still, people are not happy. “Perry is a role model to so many young people, and this just destroys all the good work we do to try to encourage people not to let their dogs come into contact with koalas,” said Claire Madden, a wildlife vet, to the Courier Mail. “Katy Perry I challenge you to come and spend a day with me (a wildlife vet) and learn first hand why your comment should NOT be streamed across the nation.”

A Myer rep also told the Courier Mail that “We are aware of comments in relation to Katy Perry’s Witness: The Tour advertisement and a particular reference made to koalas. We are currently removing the material which references koalas.”

Poor Kat really can’t seem to catch a break lately. Better take a look at the controversial ad and see for yourself what all the fuss is about:

Lindsay Lohan Wants You To ‘Start Trusting’ Trump

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We’ve got some grave, grave news to share: Lindsay Lohan Tweeted support for Donald Trump and his family yesterday. Here’s exactly what she said:

She has literally said we should “start trusting” the Duke of Lies and Crazy Tweets. How very sad to see Cady Heron head decidedly back into Regina-ville. What’s more, she called all of the Trump clan “kind” people:

The Trumps, who’ve fought to ban immigrants from entering our country, slashed health benefits for the poor, and shattered the incredibly important Paris Climate Accords. Kind indeed!

Lohan has formerly stated her support for Hillary Clinton in a since-removed Instagram post. It’s a dark day for us all.

Independence Day Special: Jefferson Was Actually Far Cooler Than Hamilton

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At a time when the very dignity of the US Presidency has been shamefully hijacked, it might be worth revisiting what the Founding Fathers actually intended for the nation’s highest office. Of course, the outrageous success of the really rather overblown Broadway musical Hamilton has only added to the zeitgeisty frisson of “Founders Chic.”

We’ve frankly always been partial to Thomas Jefferson…bon vivant, intellectual and Francophile that he was. Our third President’s presence and spirit remain profound amongst the D.C. political elite, who can often be found in the various corridors and rooms of his namesake hotel, where we recently spent a few nights.

Not only was the Jefferson Hotel conceptualized around the great statesman’s trend-leading proclivities and tastes – it even employs an in-house historian (coolest hotel job ever?), Susan Lagon, who is also a Senior Fellow at Georgetown University.

“Both men were passionate,” she tells us. “Jefferson was the diplomat who had a way with words while Hamilton was the scrappy fighter. But TJ was an accomplished violinist with an unrivaled book collection, and also a foodie with a reputation as a generous host. Who would you rather have dinner with?”

And so, with the Hamilton promotion machine spreading its questionable influence far and wide, we take a look on this Independence Day, through the lens of the hotel, at why – sorry Alexander – it was actually Thomas Jefferson who was the hippest of the Founding Fathers.




Plume Restaurant

The only restaurant in D.C. to be honored with the coveted Forbes Five-Star Rating, it serves rapturous New American fare inspired by the gardens of Monticello, Jefferson’s estate. (Yep, he was doing the whole urban-farming, garden-to-table thing all the way back in the 18th Century.) The stunning interior also features several silver mockingbird statuettes. “TJ kept mockingbirds in his home and allowed them to fly freely,” says Lagon. “His fave, Dick, would perch on his shoulder and sing while he played the violin.” Quite modern of him, of course, to have free ranging birds.


The Wine Room

Jefferson actually tended his own vineyards at Monticello, making him a pioneer of small producer chic. And the hotel’s vaulted-ceilinged Wine Room nods to his oenophilic enthusiasm. When the Constitution was being drafted, he was Ambassador to France, and maps in the hotel trace his extravagant wine buying excursions. Indeed, he was known to keep quite a few cases of the good French stuff – and upon his death, he left a wine tab of $10,000 (his salary was $25,000).

Quill Bar

Despite its general historic vibe, the hotel’s buzzy drinkery notably features a fibre-optic bar, which Lagon insists, “Jefferson would have loved.” To be sure, he was a full-on tech geek before there really was a such a thing. Quill’s specialty cocktails also use botanicals that he grew and cultivated – now a practice so pretentiously carried on in the rooftop gardens of trendy Brooklyn bars and restaurants.


The Book Room

A defining Jefferson quote: “I cannot live without books.” Indeed, Lagon reveals, “his collection rivaled any in the country at the time.” One imagines if he were alive today, he’d be hobnobbing with the McSweeney’s set and collaborating with some or other hip indie publisher.



Jim Jefferies Hilariously Explains His Alternative ‘JIMCARE” Health Plan

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Image courtesy of Comedy Central

“America is sick,” observed Aussie comedian Jim Jefferies during the fourth episode of his incisive, eponymous new Comedy Central show, “and the illness is this: This country thinks of health care not as a right, but as a privilege. I would gladly live in a Mad Max wasteland if it meant free health care.”

In his amiably trenchant manner, he wondered aloud why we have to pay for health care, when the fire department is free. “I know how to put out a small fire,” he insisted, but “I don’t know how to get rid of a little bit of AIDS.”

He then went on to propose “JIMCARE,” a plan that combines the best of the health care systems of China, Germany and even France’s supposed offer of an overnight bed for a patient’s mistress. (That last one might have been a joke…though it’s actually somewhat plausible.)


Listen: Previously Unreleased Prince ‘Purple Rain’ Tracks

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When Prince passed away on April 21, 2016, one of the burning questions concerned the extent to which unreleased material still existed within the Paisley Park vaults. The Purple One was, of course, nothing if not utterly prolific.

And so it is that an astonishingly comprehensive Deluxe [Expanded Edition] of Purple Rain has just been released, featuring several tracks seeing the light of day for the very first time. The three CDs include the classic original album, but in the form of a 2015 Paisley Park remaster; From the Vault & Previously Unreleased, which is fairly self-explanatory; and Single Edits & B-Sides, flaunting the likes of an extended version of “I Would Die 4 U” and a special dance mix of “Let’s Go Crazy.”

Of the previously unreleased tracks, highlights are the slinky “Electric Intercourse” (with Prince’s inimitable falsetto in fabulous form), the deeply melancholy “Father’s Song,” and “Our Destiny / Roadhouse Garden,” with an alluring Lisa Coleman vocal on the former.

The package also includes a DVD, Prince And The Revolution, Live at the Carrier Dome, Syracuse, NY, March 30, 1985.

Meanwhile. there are still several dates left on The Revolution tour, which includes members of Prince’s original band, playing songs from that era. Don’t miss it, if you don’t have to.


Disc One: Original Album (2015 Paisley Park Remaster)
  1.      Let’s Go Crazy
  2.      Take Me With U
  3.      The Beautiful Ones
  4.      Computer Blue
  5.      Darling Nikki
  6.      When Doves Cry
  7.      I Would Die 4 U
  8.      Baby I’m A Star
  9.      Purple Rain
Disc Two: From The Vault & Previously Unreleased
  1.      The Dance Electric
  2.      Love and Sex
  3.      Computer Blue (“Hallway Speech” version)
  4.      Electric Intercourse (studio)
  5.      Our Destiny / Roadhouse Garden
  6.      Possessed (1983 version)
  7.     Wonderful Ass
  8.      Velvet Kitty Cat
  9.      Katrina’s Paper Dolls
  10.      We Can Fuck
  11.      Father’s Song
Disc Three: Single Edits & B-Sides
  1.      When Doves Cry (edit)
  2.      17 Days
  3.      Let’s Go Crazy (edit)
  4.      Let’s Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix)
  5.      Erotic City
  6.      Erotic City (“Make Love Not War Erotic City Come Alive”)
  7.      Purple Rain (edit)
  8.      God
  9.      God (Love Theme From Purple Rain)
  10.      Another Lonely Christmas
  11.      Another Lonely Christmas (extended version)
  12.      I Would Die 4 U (edit)
  13.      I Would Die 4 U (extended version)
  14.     Baby I’m A Star (edit)
  15.     Take Me With U (edit)
DVD: Prince And The Revolution, Live at the Carrier Dome, Syracuse, NY, March 30, 1985
  1.      Let’s Go Crazy
  2.      Delirious
  3.      1999
  4.      Little Red Corvette
  5.      Take Me With U
  6.      Do Me, Baby
  7.      Irresistible Bitch
  8.      Possessed
  9.      How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?
  10.      Let’s Pretend We’re Married
  11.      International Lover
  12.      God
  13.      Computer Blue
  14.      Darling Nikki
  15.      The Beautiful Ones
  16.      When Doves Cry
  17.      I Would Die 4 U
  18.     Baby I’m A Star
  19.     Purple Rain