Rick Owens Staged His New Menswear Show on Sky-High Scaffolding in the Middle of Paris

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Rick Owens presented his S/S 18 Menswear show in Paris today, and had models strut down a most unusual catwalk: special scaffolding constructed for the event hundreds of feet in the sky, enveloping the magnificent Palais de Tokyo.

“It was really about exploring this building which is my favourite building in Paris. So being able to put all the scaffolding and being able to climb all over it. It was almost like I was physically able to touch every little piece of it,” Owens said to Dazed. “Clothes are aspirational and putting them on the highest level, it makes them more heroic.”

The clothing was presented in a palette of neutrals: blacks, whites, grays, and greens, and reflected a modern art, minimalist, deconstructed suit vibe. There was a good deal of shiny pleatherish material, as well as jackets without sleeves, baggy belted creations and across-the-body accessories, and tops with organically-shaped holes scattered about them.

Guests were given black fans, black bucket hats, and black water bottles to stay cool and witchy in the scorching Parisian summer heat.

Take a look at the entire show below:

Balenciaga’s New Menswear Show Featured Actual Dads Walking With Their Kids

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Today, Demna Gvasalia unveiled his third menswear collection for Balenciaga since taking over the famed brand two seasons ago. In the past, we’ve seen everything from big, boxy coats to high fashion Bernie Sanders – now, Gvasalia is giving us a new twist of haute couture: dad vibes, worn on the shoulders of real dads with their real kids.

“I thought it was so beautiful to see a young man with a child and it’s so hopeful and so positive,” Gvasalia told Dazed. “There was this hopefulness actually that drove through the whole season, the kids represented that hope.”

Opting out of the now-expected uber cool athletic streetwear seen on so many mens’ runways, Gvasalia directed his design concepts toward the banal. The first model wore a sports coat and jeans – otherwise wore cords, polos, and patterned dad shirts. There were leather bags made to look like grocery bags, dry cleaning bags draped like capes, and pants with shorts superimposed over them.

What’s more, the show took place outdoors in a forest in the Bois de Boulogne in Paris, a park infamous for its high volume of gay cruising. The runway stretched along a carpet with seats on either side, so long it you almost could not see the end of it.

Take a look at some of our favorite looks below, then head to Balenciaga’s site to watch the entire show:

Rihanna’s Final Collaboration With Manolo Blahnik is Called ‘So Stoned,’ And It’s In ‘Wild Thoughts’

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Rihanna has announced her third and final collaboration with famed footwear designer (and Carrie Bradshaw fave) Manolo Blahnik: a collection of four jewel-encrusted sandals aptly titled “So Stoned,” one of which appears in the “Wild Thoughts” music video.

Rihanna’s previous lines with Blahnik include “Denim Desserts,” a collection of six denim-and-sequin heels, and “Savage,” an array of furry thigh-high winter heels.

So Stoned features a short-heeled sandal named “Spice”:

Two stilleto-heeled mules, “Bajan Princess” and “Purple Chalice”:

And, of course, the “Poison Ivy,” as seen in “Wild Thoughts”:

The price range goes from “Spice”‘s sensible $1,265 to “Poison Ivy”‘s $2,325.

“I enjoy everything about Manolo,” Rihanna said to Footwear News. “He is such an incredible human being. He’s so fun to work with, and I was blessed with the opportunity to see him create from scratch. He’s so passionate about what he does, and it makes it so worth it when you buy or wear a pair of his shoes because you know what went into it.”

The strappy gladiator dream isn’t the only fashion that caught our eye in “Wild Thoughts” – RiRi also wore such gems as Balenciaga’s signature thigh-high spandex heels and a divine off-the-shoulder Alberta Ferreti number.

Saint Laurent’s F/W 17 Campaign Feels Like the Trailer For a High Fashion Action Film

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Anthony Vaccarello’s latest campaign as Creative Director of Saint Laurent takes the brand to the fast-paced, gritty neon streets of Tokyo, in a fashion film that reads as much like a showcase of the brand’s new collection as it does the trailer for a couture version of The Fast and the Furious.

The video for the men’s F/W 17 collection is directed by frequent YSL-collaborator Nathalie Canguilhem, who’s helmed two of the brand’s previous campaigns. Models include Mica Arganaraz, Anja Rubik, Adut Akech, Dalibor Urosevic, and Paul Manniez. It also doesn’t hurt that Oscar Wilde’s “Her Voice” is spoken over the entire clip.

Vaccarello sparked some controvery by announcing his famed label would not show its S/S 18 collection at Men’s Fashion Week in Paris, instead opting to present at women’s week this September.

Take a look at the campaign video below:

Versus Versace Unveils First Images of Their Campaign With Zayn

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Images from Zayn and Versus Versace’s new capsule collection are finally here, featuring the former boy band baby looking tousled and tough in leather. There’s also a video of Zayn and his girlfriend, Bella Hadid, slinking around a dimly lit room in athleisure-wear and distressed jeans.

It’s really nothing very new from pop’s resident bad boy, but it’s certainly still fun. The campaign represents a collection for both men and women, in a palette of khakis, grays, wine, black, and white.

“When I see this collection, I see Zayn,” said Donatella Versace of the new line. “His attitude, his energy and his individuality are in every single piece. I am so proud of what we have achieved together. The campaign defines everything I love about the new generation today.”

The collection features bomber jackets, baggy parkas, backpacks and gym bags, as well as athletic sports bras, bags, and leather pants and jackets. It feels very rock ‘n roll meets cool kid at the gym.

“When I was a kid growing up in Bradford, England, wearing knock-off Versace, I never thought that one day I would actually be designing my own collection. Thanks so much to Donatella Versace for allowing me to do the coolest thing ever.”

Take a look at the new images and video below, and shop the collection, out today, here:

Thom Browne F/W 17 Campaign

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Photo: Thomas Goldblum for Thom Browne.

Thom Browne‘s new F/W 17 look book takes cardboard cutout, architectural tweed vibes and makes them fashion. The clothing is decidedly multidimensional and the silhouettes unprecedented. Paired with mask-like head gear and black lips, it’s a sensational mix of military, goth, and couture.

On the runway, models wore hoof-like boots and some carried suitcases. It’s a total deconstruction of the classically boring gray suit seen in offices everywhere, reimagined as lumpy, asymmetrical pieces of art.

Take a look.

Loewe’s FW 17 Campaign Pairs Gorgeous Still Lifes With Images of a Heroic Model

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Photo: Steven Meisel for Loewe.

Loewe’s F/W 17 campaign, shot by Steven Meisel, pairs two very distinct types of imagery together into one magically cohesive campaign.

First, there are portraits of model Max Overshiner standing heroically on a gravelly mound and wearing Loewe’s latest and greatest outerwear pieces. Pretty typical for a campaign so far. But then, behind Overshiner’s majestic, windswept poses, which certainly show off the colorful, highly textured nature of this season’s collection, a giant, fringed chandelier of sorts hands solemnly in the air. The whole scene is framed in white with ‘Loewe’ boldly emblazoned above, making each photo seem like the cover of an art magazine and further adding to the feeling that these are stills from an expensive, vast, epic journey.

Then, to keep us on our toes, Loewe pairs these images with beautiful still lifes of a translucent table in front of a sky blue backdrop with small soft white clouds skittering across it. Upon the table are various household objects captured in such color and detail they almost appear to be very lifelike paintings. These, two, are framed in white with ‘Loewe’ overhead.

Check out the campaign in the following slides.

Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode & Lucas Hedges Are the New Faces of Dior

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Photography: David Sims for Dior

Dior Homme is the latest brand casting high profile artists as the focal point of their international F/W campaigns, tapping legendary Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan for their new photo series and fashion film, as well as Manchester By The Sea star Lucas Hedges. The label follows in the footsteps of Prada, who just announced director and writer Pedro Almodóvar as the face of their respective F/W 17 collection.

Dior Homme’s campaign comes as their Creative Director, Kris Van Assche, celebrate his 10th anniversary with the label. Gahan and Hedges are joined by models Dylan Roques and Christophe T Kint. Dior featured a variety of notables last season as well, casting A$AP Rocky and Boy George for an amazing black and white photo spread.

The new campaign sees Gahan, Hedges, and crew pairing Dior suits with metallic accessories and leather gloves for a futuristic, expensive but punk feel. It follow the label’s runway show at London Fashion Week, titled ‘HarDior’ thanks to its hardcore techno soundtrack.


Vaquera’s Handmaid’s Tale Collection: Fashion That Empowers & Oppresses

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Photography: Michael Hauptman for Vaquera

Inside an eerie Lower East Side chapel and seated across from a woman in a chunky red leotard, moody noises began composing an ethereal soundtrack. We knew we were in one of two places: the scene of a high fashion cult sacrifice or the runway of Vaquera’s Handmaid’s Tale capsule collection.

When the NYC brand—composed of Patric DiCaprio, Claire Sully, Bryn Taubensee and David Moses—announced they were teaming up with The Handmaid’s Tale for a special project, we had very high, bonnet-filled hopes for what outfits might result. Our expectations were surpassed by the show we witnessed at the Angel Orensanz Foundation—a place that likely hadn’t seen such energy within its walls since Sarah Jessica Parker married Matthew Broderick there in 1997. The capsule delivered on thoughtful silhouettes, textiles and intentions, but above all, stayed true to Vaquera’s ongoing mission: to create characters.

“It’s something that’s at the core of our collections,” DiCaprio told OUT. “We do work about people that are oppressed, and we like to talk about a person’s individuality, and create these characters, which is the opposite of what’s happening in The Handmaid’s Tale. We’re very focused on the personalities. Once you put a piece of clothing on someone who has a great personality, it evolves and becomes something so much greater.”

Personality certainly took the spotlight on Vaquera’s runway: two models in red tunics and bonnets planted kisses on each other as they took their place center stage, while another stormed around the room chucking ripped up flowers at audience members with all his might. One look featured a woman in a thong and bra holding a pearly white umbrella over her heard, with a cocoon of silvery gauze shielding her body from the outside world. Another model ate a bag of oranges as he walked, letting the peels scatter behind him on the runway.

“We were all fucking weird kids,” DiCaprio said. “So I think doing something that speaks to oppressed people, or people who are weird comes naturally to us.”

In true Handmaid’s Tale form, the collection was grounded in stifling imagery that reflected a history of female marginalization: bound hands, a dress with the words, “Votes for Women,” emblazoned on its chest and a model dripping with sewn-together cone bras.

“The original theme for us in this was empowerment versus oppression,” Sully said. “We were talking about how, throughout the collection, as we worked on it, we realized that every look could be either empowered or oppressed, depending on the way you, the wearer, is wearing it. And so the cast was really important in that. And that individuality coming through with the way that they were acting, and the way that they walked, was really important to us.”

An eccentric, inclusive cast was essential for conveying the wide variety of identities being communicated at the Angel Orensanz Foundation. To accomplish this, the brand collaborated with Midland Agency‘s Walter Pearce, who’s known for discovering and championing unconvential beauty—especially through his work as Hood by Air’s longtime casting director.

Vaquera’s most recent fall ’17 collection tackled American identity, from long gowns constructed with American flags to cocktail dresses fashioned as oversized Tiffany’s bags. Through their collaboration with The Handmaid’s Tale, the burgeoning label continues to explore what it means to be a member of the United States.

“The election has obviously changed this country,” DiCaprio said. “We don’t need to say it. But America has a long history of oppression, and it was built on that. It’s sad to say, but it’s true.”

Moses underlined the importance of working with intent in fashion today: “I feel like we always talk about putting clothes out in an oversaturated market, and how it’s really important for us to have a strong message behind what we’re putting out there,” he said. “So this worked out very serendipitously.”

The individuality of each Vaquera look—a gown made from a wildly oversized hoodie, a high-low tunic incorporating seat cushions—comes from the designers’ understanding that fashion is a vehicle for telling stories about the wearer and the larger cultural context that individual is living within.

“I made a lot of looks with bras this season, so I feel like that must say something about me,” Taubensee said. “I was really interested in sexuality, and—I don’t know, it sounds cliché, if bras are empowering or not, but I guess the bra was somehow very poignant to me, and I guess that would be my personality this season. It’s hard to say exactly why.”

DiCaprio echoed Taubensee, adding that Vaquera likes to use clichés to raise questions, in this case, asking why femininity equates to bras? “You can make a simple answer to that, but if you think about it, it’s pretty complex, and cool to talk about,” he said. “Why can’t women show their breasts? Does that mean something? A nipple is bad, but you can see other things.”

With all these deeply complex conversations at play, Vaquera’s collection certainly felt cathartic, like something inside the designers’ minds had been bumbling around, desperate to escape into reality. And through their Handmaid’s Tale capsule, that something finally has:

“In middle school, I was dying to paint my nails black, and dye my hair, and wear tight pants, or whatever, but when you’re doing something like this, you put it outside of yourself,” DiCaprio said. “And I think that’s why people become designers—that’s at least why I do. I felt so much of that was like, “Get out,” And now it’s on the runway, and I feel relieved. [Now] I can wear jeans and a tee shirt every day.”