Tumblr Gets Its Own Tea: TEAmblr

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Well, that’s adorable: there’s a tea blend named after a social networking site.

Illustrator Cara McGee created the TEAmblr blend — a complicated blend of black tea, white tea, orange peels, marigold flowers and chocolate chips — for the web site Adagio Teas. Tea fans can fork over $10 for a three-inch pouch or $24 for a six-inch tin. 

 It’s described thusly:

"A bit odd, a bit sweet, but all flavors that manage to work together. Even if they sometimes clash when in improper proportions. Accepts no responsibility if any resulting addiction to this tea ruins your life. Go to bed."

Yup, that sounds like Tumblr! They’ve also managed to use a Tumblr-themed design — white text on a navy blue background — without drawing David Karp’s ire. 

Pair it with a cupcake recipe you found on Pinterest and go make some videos on Vine, why don’t you?

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