International Emergency: Tom Cruise Parties At The Same Night Club As Tara Reid

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We knew Tom Cruise was not the winner in his divorce from Kaite Holmes. But their split took a hard-right turn for the tragic this week when Tom partying at the same nightclub as Tara Reid in London.

Tom raised the roof at Annabels amongst odd amalgamation of celebs, Benecio Del Toro, American Pie‘s Thomas Ian Nicholas, and Pie co-star Tara Reid, who explained she was in town to support Nicholas’ band and hang out with Jedward. Allow me to repeat that last part: Tara Reid was in town to hang out with Jedward. Jedward, people.

Fortunately, Cruise and definite Suppressive Person Reid are not romantically linked (yet). ONTD claims Tom had dinner with an anonymous woman earlier in the evening: business meeting … or the next poor soul to be suckered in as a Scientology bride?

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