BlackBook & 12 Days of Giving: Donate Now!

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BlackBook is pleased to join with our pals at Flavorpill and a number of other media companies around New York for the 12 Days of Giving holiday food drive. It’s a little friendly competition amongst putative marketplace enemies, but that’s what the holiday spirit is all about, right?

The philanthropic affair is run by the NYC Food Bank’s Community Kitchen and Food Pantry, and it’s quite simple. Go to our campaign page, and just buy some virtual groceries for those in need. Check out and make your donation, and you’re done. Then watch our donation total rise to the $5,000 goal (and beyond), and help us gleefully lord our superiority over those other media companies. And by superiority we mean your superioirty, of course. The superior generosity of our readers, that is. You are just mad generous, is what you are.

So waste no further time and buy some food for the needy. Check out the leaderboard to see how we’re doing. It’s just like Farmville but with a purpose. Donate now!