Snacking Your Way to a Better Complexion

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imageEveryone knows a balanced diet should be part of everyone’s beauty regimen. But why simply encourage people to eat right when there’s a whole new consumer demand to exploit? Unsurprisingly, Japan is the leader in the “functional foods” category, credited with creating the term in the 1980s. Currently, Japan is the only country to create a distinct category for these foods — “FOSHU” or “Foods for Specified Health Use,” but the UK and the US are both getting in on the beauty food trend. Nestle, of the famous chocolate chip cookies, launched Glowelle beauty drink last August, which claims to “fight the signs of aging by nourishing your skin from the inside out,” and Borba offers cookies and water laced with skin-improving ingredients in addition to their more traditional skin care products.

Frutels appeal to my appreciation of both irony and chocolate. After years of avoiding my beloved chocolate under the misguided notion that it was to blame for my periodic bouts of angst-inducing adolescent acne, I’m now happily munching away on 2-4 delicious pieces of dark chocolate every day. Recognized as one of the worlds most innovative products in 2009, Frutels’ vitamin-fortified formula combined with the well-documented antioxidant effects of dark chocolate effectively fights acne where it begins — from within.

The latest foodie beauty product generating buzz are these suspicious-sounding, pink-grapefruit-flavored collagen marshmallows (why don’t they just taste like marshmallows?). Developed in Japan, they’re not yet available in the US, but they can be purchased in the UK. Collagen marshmallow s’mores anyone? With some acne-fighting chocolate perhaps?

Now if these brilliant scientists could only figure out a way for my Cool Ranch Doritos habit to erase my cellulite, I’d order a lifetime supply.