Low Self-Esteem: There’s An App for That

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Just in case you’re not sufficiently self-critical, there’s now an iPhone app that will rate your attractiveness on a scale from one to ten. Following in the noble tradition of ego boosters such as hotornot.com (which also has an iPhone app) and the Facebook app that allows you to choose the most attractive members of your crew, the $3 Vanity application uses “the Golden Ratio to evaluate and score the attractiveness of human faces based on facial structure.”

It was bad enough when the 8th grade boys did it (I scored a solid 8.5, btw, cute face, flat) — but now I’m supposed to subject myself to a supposedly scientific conclusion on the state of my attractiveness, made by my phone. And what shall I do with that information? Is there an app to direct me towards the closest plastic surgeon? Or one that will hook me up with other fugly singles in the area — compatibility based on matching Vanity scores, of course.

Their example is super hot supermodel hottie Adriana Lima, who receives a disappointing 8.7. Really? An 8.7? This doesn’t bode well for the rest of us.