Romantic Holidays Become a Nightmare in Netflix’s ‘Girlfriend’s Day’ Trailer

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In Netflix’s new film Girlfriend’s Day, Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul) brings us a dark comedy just in time for Valentine’s Day. Co-written by and starring Odenkirk, the film also stars Amber Tamblyn, Natasha Lyonne, and Ed Begley Jr.

Ray Wentworth (Odenkirk) is the best of the best in the greeting card writing industry but soon finds himself down on his luck. In the kind of twist of fate that only happens in movies like this, a new holiday “Girlfriend’s Day” is announced, hoisting him back into the game. But this new day of celebration isn’t what it seems, and a conspiracy soon unfolds. Faked suicides and thugs call the intentions of this commercialized day into question.

Girlfriend’s Day premieres February 14. Watch the trailer below:

Green Day Calls Out Trump in ‘Troubled Times’ Video

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 12.18.13 PM
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With inauguration a few short days away, protests and marches are commencing around the country. With a number of rights at risk, the shifting political climate call for those who can put up a fight. In the spirit of good old fashion punk, Green Day has released a protest anthem that sums up the world we live in.

“What good is love and peace on earth when it’s exclusive? Where’s the truth in the written word if no one reads it?”

The video for “Troubled Times” features images of protests and riots throughout history juxtaposed with members of the KKK and President-Elect Donald Trump. The visual interpretation perfectly complements the lyrics of the track, sending a clear message of what we face.

“Troubled Times” is available online. Watch the video below:

Australian Mural Gives George Michael Sainthood

George Michael
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As the world regains strength after the death of George Michael and the general bad taste that 2016 left in our mouths, one artist has found a way to give the pop icon a beautiful memorial. Scott Marsh is an Australian street artist known for his murals of Kanye West and Notorious B.I.G. In his latest, he paints Michael in a holy light.

The mural recently went up at the corner of Bray Street and Flora Street in the Sydney suburb of St. Peters. Titled “St. George,” it gives Michael a halo with a rainbow sash and his signature cross earring while he holds a joint and a bottle of poppers.

Marsh recently told Australian blog The Music that this mural holds special significance for the residents of the building who commissioned him for the wall.

“They were telling me stories about him and their times with him in Sydney and he sounded like a pretty incredible person,” Marsh said. “So I just sat down with them and threw some ideas around. The idea we stuck with was him as the patron saint of the gays. They love it.”

Nitehawk Naughties Presents Erotic Italian Film Lineup for Brooklyn Cinema

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As reservations are made and limos are booked for another romantic Valentine’s Day, Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn teases another year of intimate programming. This February, they continue with their fourth annual Nitehawk Naughties. Having explored America’s early ‘70s porn boom, the Scandinavian films that influenced them, and a steamy selection of French films, this year’s lineup features five erotic Italian titles.

“Think reaction to fascism, sexism, bourgeoisie, post sexual-revolution, and communes,” said Caryn Coleman, director of programming and special events.

“Body Politics: Sex, Politics, and Humor in Italian Cinema” features a selection of films that each position sexuality in terms of politics. Strong women play central roles, challenging bourgeois ideologies of sex and gender roles.

Check out this year’s Nitehawk Naughties lineup below:

February 9

Vittorio de Sica – Marriage Italian Style (Matrimonio all’Italiana), 1964

35mm presentation at 7:30 p.m.

February 10 & February 11

Pier Paolo Pasolini – De Cameron, 1971

35mm presentation

March 3 & March 4

Fernando Di Leo – To Be Twenty (Avere Vent’Anni), 1978

April 7 & April 8

Sergio Martino – Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key (Il tuo vizio è una stanza chiusa e solo io ne ho la chiave), 1972

May 5 & May 6

Federico Fellini – The City of Women (La città delle donne), 1980

Each screening will feature new Italian spirits and cocktails with Gruppo Campari. The films are presented in partnership with Babeland, a women-friendly Seattle sex shop that has expanded to New York and online since its opening in 1993.

David Bowie EP & Video Released for His 70th Birthday

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Photo by Jimmy King

This past Sunday, January 8, would have been David Bowie’s 70th birthday. He also died one year ago Tuesday of cancer, unleashing a worldwide period of mourning amongst his untold numbers of devoted fans.

To commemorate, an EP was  released with recordings that were believed to be his last. “Lazarus,” from Bowie’s final album Blackstar, is featured along with “No Plan,” “Killing a Little Time” and “When I Met You,” songs that were written for the musical Lazarus.


An eerie, seemingly metaphorical Tom Hingston directed video for “No Plan” has also been released.

‘Twin Peaks’ Revival Finally Gets Release Date

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After a 25-year hiatus, Twin Peaks returns this year. With a lengthy and highly-anticipated production process that’s had old fans on the edge of their seats and new fans developing an obsession, casting announcements and video footage have held us over. But we finally have something to add to our calendars.

The Twin Peaks revival will commence May 21 at 9PM on Showtime with a two-hour premiere. Immediately following, episodes three and four will be available to Showtime’s digital subscribers. The season will consist of 18 episodes, originally shot as one long movie and only cut into episodes, post production.

Although the season is meant to be close-ended, a second season is still a possibility.

Obama’s Biggest Supporters Recall Their Favorite Moment of the Last 8 Years

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As President Obama’s second term approaches its final days, the future of the presidency and the country remains unclear. Although things seem bleak, it’s important to recognize the progress we’ve made and keep moving forward.

During Obama’s presidency, we’ve seen changes that might not have seemed possible. Whether it was the first black president, the nationwide legalization of same-sex marriage, or a call to fight climate change, he’s impacted each of us in one way or another. Some of Obama’s biggest supporters recently spoke about their most memorable Obama moment and to bid farewell.

Celebrities, citizens, and admirers from all over the world shared their memories. Watch below:

Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, & Marlon Brando Live On in Insane ‘Urban Myths’ Trailer

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You may remember a certain film garnering some controversy before it even began production. When it was announced that Joseph Fiennes (a white actor) would play Michael Jackson (a black pop star) in a TV movie, the Internet went into a frenzy.

The trailer for said film, Urban Myths was recently released. Although some of the casting choices may have been questionable, it’s doubtfully the most offensive part of the film. Considering it’s a comedy featuring Adolf Hitler as a character, Fiennes as Jackson seems merely tacky.

The film follows various other iconic figures throughout history including Cary Grant and Bob Dylan. Stockard Channing and Brian Cox star alongside Fiennes as Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando in a fictional retelling of a road trip the three took from New York to California after 9/11. Since the story alone sounds like one for the ages and Channing absolutely slays as Taylor, maybe it’s worth giving the film a chance.

Check out the trailer for Urban Myths below:

Drew Barrymore’s Weight Loss Secret is Cannibalism in ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ (Video)

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Drew Barrymore may be America’s sweetheart but in her latest show, she eats hearts. Santa Clarita Diet features Barrymore as an undead housewife in LA who suddenly finds herself craving human meat.

The Netflix show gave us a little sneak peek during the Golden Globes with some fake diet ads. Although it looks like any typical upbeat commercial for SlimFast or Jenny Craig, the menu is a little less conventional. Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant – who platys her husband – rave about the Santa Clarita diet in which you can eat whoever you want.

Santa Clarita Diet premieres February 3 on Netflix. Watch the promos below: