Keith Haring’s Legacy Lives On Through Sister Kay’s Memory (BlackBook Exclusive)

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Photo Courtesy of Kay Haring

In the age of self-made celebrities whose fame and fortune can be accredited to their Instagram followings, few artists endure like Keith Haring. A protégé of Andy Warhol, his work was part of a movement he might never have imagined, paving the way and inspiring many more to come. From public murals to t-shirts, his iconic vision lives on today.

27 years after his life was cut short, a crowd of influencers, art enthusiasts, and long-time fans flocked to the Whitney Museum of American Art in Lower Manhattan. It was the launch of Keith Haring: The Boy Who Just Kept Drawing, a children’s book about the artist’s life, written by none other than the artist’s sister, Kay Haring. Joined by her daughters and granddaughter, the whole family wore t-shirts of their late brother and uncle’s art, as did the line of his fans that stretched to the door of the museum for the signing.

“I’ve always known for the last 27 years that his legacy lives on,” Kay told us beforehand. “And it’s all sort of bubbling up again, how people didn’t just like his work, they loved him. It’s been a reminder about how much they really loved him as a person.”

It was this fond affection from the public for her brother that pushed her to write the book. With the help of social media, she’s stayed in touch with many of his fans who reached out to tell their own stories of how Keith inspired them.

Excerpts from Keith Haring: The Boy Who Just Kept Drawing

With such a life of work that covered many serious and taboo topics, it’s difficult to find someone in the art world not affected by him. He touched on subjects of war, AIDS, and drugs. Although this is what many remember of him, for Kay, his legacy is rooted in his persistence to chase his dreams.

“I just took a piece of what I wanted to talk about for Keith and emphasized that,” she said. “I really just wanted to start when he was a young boy and how he really just kept drawing and he continued to follow what he wanted to do, and that led him to where he wanted to end up. And it seemed to be a really good way to reach children”

The stories in the book consist of those that have remained in the family, some of which she passed on to her own children. From when he sold his bike to pay for art supplies to when he gave away his first painting instead of selling it in order to share his art, it paints a beautiful picture of the life he lived.

In remembering her brother, Kay recalls him as the typical irritating older brother. But most of her memories are that of him drawing. It was something that kept him going, even until the end.

“It was right when he knew he had AIDS, and it was a terrible time,” she said. “He knew he was gonna die, and he had this amazing view like, ‘I’m gonna work as hard as I can and as long as I can. It’s inevitable, I have to accept this. I just have to do all the good I can do for other people.’”

Written by Kay Haring and illustrated by Robert Neubecker, Keith Haring: The Boy Who Just Kept Drawing is now available at Penguin Random House.

Dark Lady Lana Del Rey Puts a Spell on Donald Trump

Lana Del Rey
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Lana Del Rey Twitter

“Dark lady played back magic till the clock struck on the twelve,” Cher sang back in 1974, apparently predicting the mass spellbinding ritual against Donald Trump to take place tonight.

In a recent Tweet, Lana Del Rey has hinted at joining the ritual. The Tweet says “at the stroke of midnight,” and included the dates, February 24, March 26, April 24, and May 23.

The dates refer to those of the waning crescent moon. Tonight is the first in the series in which witches and people of various spiritual and religious affiliations around the world will take part in a midnight ritual spell to bind Donald Trump and all those who abet him. The event has brought together magic communities around the world for a common purpose, with a website and a Facebook page for people to share tips and find others participating.

Seth Meyers Goes for Gold in ‘Oscar Bait’ Parody Trailer

Oscar Bait
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As another Academy Awards quickly approaches, we’ve become familiar with what makes an Oscar-worthy film. There’s usually an unhappy couple, some kind of racial tension, homosexual undertones, and a whole lot of crying.

Seth Meyers has perfected this formula in his latest parody clip for Late Night. The talk show host compiled all the components of an Academy Award contender for the fake trailer of Oscar Bait. It includes all the expectable tropes and a scene that was literally just ripped straight from Carol.

Oscar Bait will be in theaters never, we hope. Watch the trailer below:

MTA Offering Supreme Branded MetroCards at Select Stations

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In New York, labels are everything. MTA has just embraced this philosophy as they have announced they will be providing Supreme brand MetroCards. The red and white cards were recently revealed at the SS17 show.

MTA announced via Tweet that the cards are available today at select stations. They can be purchased for a limited time at the Broadway Lafayette, 125 Street, Queensboro Plaza, Marcy Avenue, Atlantic Avenue, Prince Street, Spring Street and Union Square stations. The prepaid cards come with two rides and unlimited ostentatiousness.

Kahlil Joseph’s KENZO Short is a Beautiful Portrait of Blackness (Watch)

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 2.53.48 AM
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KENZO Paris has taken their video campaigns to new levels. Their latest fashion film comes from director Kahlil Joseph, most recently known for helming Beyonce’s Lemonade film. Music is My Mistress not only showcases the brand’s SS17 collection, but presents a beautiful portrait of blackness through music.

The short begins with an MPAA R rating for “strong language and overt blackness throughout.” The film stars Jesse Williams as a man tasked with finding a missing woman described as “African royalty” and portrayed by Tracee Ellis Ross. It also features music from rap group Shabazz Palaces and hypnotic vocals from cellist Kelsey Lu.

Watch Music is My Mistress below:

Rock, Romance & Ryan Gosling in ‘Song to Song’ Trailer

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As the world is still debating whether or not La La Land is deserving of an Oscar, Ryan Gosling is about to drop another musical role on us. He stars with Rooney Mara, Michael Fassbender, and Natalie Portman in Song to Song.

The visually striking film is set against the Austin, Texas music scene. Gosling and Mara play two struggling songwriters who fall in love. Fassbender plays a music exec who becomes involved with a waitress (Portman). The love story entwines seduction and betrayal in the music industry with a solid cast.

Song to Song premieres March 17. Watch the trailer below:

Demetri Martin Escapes His Life for LA in ‘Dean’ Trailer

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Demetri Martin’s latest role comes as writer, director, and star of Dean. The 2016 Tribeca favorite is a romantic dramedy about a father and son who move on in their own ways after the loss of their matriarch.

Dean (Martin) escapes to LA while he struggles with a creative block over his second book of drawings. There, he finds himself infatuated with a young woman (Gillian Jacobs) running from her own problems. Back home in New York, his father (Kevin Kline) decides to sell his and his late wife’s home, and in the process, develops feelings for his realtor (Mary Steenburgen).

Dean premieres June 2. Watch the trailer below:

Refinery Rooftop Enlists NYFWM Designers for New Uniform

Refinery Hotel
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The Refinery Rooftop recently hosted the New York Men’s Day afterparty at their rooftop bar. It was a perfect venue to kick off New York Fashion Week: Men’s. The week of presentations and runway shows offered previews of fall looks from some of the most coveted talents in the industry.

Now, the boutique hotel is enlisting some help from these emerging designers. Following in the footsteps of Delta’s Zac Posen-designed uniforms, Refinery Rooftop is seeking a fresh, high-end vision for their new official look. Bristol, David Naman, R. Swiader, and Uri Minkoff have offered their unique ideas for the running.

It’s up to the public to decide whose design will be chosen. Voting is open via Facebook until March 10, and the winning uniform will debut in spring at the Refinery Rooftop. Check out the contending sketches below.

  • Bristol
  • David Naman
  • R. Swiader
  • Uri Minkoff

Prabal Gurung Gets Political with Ready-to-Rally NYFW Finale

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Prabal Gurung Instagram

Fashion has long been political but this season, it’s a prevailing theme on the runway.

Prabal Gurung is the latest to make a statement with his fall ’17 show. During the finale, he sent models down the runway in t-shirts that were protest-ready. Gigi Hadid led the pack in a white tee with the words “the future is female” printed on it. Other models followed with shirts that read “3 million,” “I have a dream,” and “we will not be silenced.”

“Fashion and politics can no longer be mutually exclusive,” Gurung told WWD. “We have to be able to be aware of the audience that we have and the platform that we have. The good old days of being fabulous are over. Fashion can no longer be an escape. We need to be alive and awake.”

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