New York Fashion Week Just Had Its Most Diverse Season Ever

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As we trekked through the city earlier this month for the chaos of New York Fashion Week, we couldn’t help but notice that the face of the runway seemed to finally be changing. Now, it’s been confirmed. The Fashion Spot’s diversity report for the Spring 2018 season has been released and its findings are worth celebrating.

After surveying 94 shows and 2,601 model appearances, they found that 36.9 percent of runway models were people of color, which is a great increase from the 31.5 percent during the Fall 2017 season and an astronomical change from a year ago, when only 20.9 percent of models were people of color during the Spring 2015 season. This season also marks the very first time that every single runway show had at least two models of color. While this is certainly nowhere near enough, it’s a noble step in the right direction.

Besides racial diversity, the season also had a record 31 transgender or non-binary models walk the runway, including Teddy Quinlivan, who came out as transgender at the end of Fashion Week. There were also a record 90 plus-size models, compared to the 26 who walked for Fall 2017 earlier this year.

This push towards a more diverse and inclusive runway is a breath of fresh air and, as usual, it’s smaller, queer designers like Eckhaus Latta and Luar who seem to be leading the charge. But for all of the diversity we’ve seen here, inclusivity on the runway doesn’t seem to be a big import across the pond this season when it comes to some of our favorite designers like Palomo Spain and Gucci, whose runways featured only a handful of dark-skinned, non-white models each.

While any step forward is reason to celebrate, the fashion industry’s path toward diversity still has a long way to go until it’s as diverse as the world we live in.

Charlotte Gainsbourg, Dev Hynes Are Lifelong Lovers For ‘Deadly Valentine’

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Imagine if The Notebook had been recreated as an art film and, instead of being about building houses with your bare hands and climbing Ferris wheels, it was about dressing in all white and running a lot. That’s the premise behind the decade-spanning new video from French-British singer and actress Charlotte Gainsbourg.

In the clip for her song “Deadly Valentine” from her new album Rest, Gainsbourg tell the story of two lifelong lovers who dance and run through their lives together, all while dressed for a wedding, but their life is the wedding because that’s art. For part of the video, Gainsbourg enlisted the help of Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes, which means that yes, they danced quite a lot.

“Each video came from personal, resonating ideas,” Gainsbourg explained in a statement. “This song mixes wedding vows with an offbeat tone. I wanted to express the idea of a lifetime engagement; a couple running to church, from childhood to old age, a lifetime path. I asked my friend Dev Hynes if he would play my partner, and he very graciously agreed. It was fun finding our younger and older selves!”

The record will be her first since 2010 and is set for release on November 17.


Wes Anderson Is Back With New Film ‘Isle of Dogs’

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Prepare to freak. Wes Anderson is back with a new movie that’s about the only thing better than Wes Anderson: dogs. In the Isle of Dogs, Anderson returns to the stop-motion style he used in The Fantastic Mr. Fox and goes in a more science fiction route with a story set in a futuristic Japan.

An outbreak of “dog flu” prompts an evacuation of all dogs in Megasaki City to Trash Island, which gets renamed (you guessed it) the Isle of Dogs. The film will follow 12-year-old pilot Atari Kobayashi, the ward of corrupt Mayor Kobayashi, as he flies off to the Isle of Dogs in search of his bodyguard dog, Spots.

As per usual, Anderson has brought together is whimsical, wild cast of friends for the new film. Isle of Dogs will star Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson, Bryan Cranston, Tilda Swinton, Greta Gerwig, Frances McDormand, Jeff Goldblum, Harvey Keitel, Liev Schreiber, F. Murray Abraham, Courtney B. Vance, Bob Balaban, and fucking Yoko Ono.

Isle of Dogs will be out on March 23rd, 2018, which means we have plenty of time to binge watch all of our old Wes Anderson favorites.


Gareth Pugh & Nick Knight Debut Bizarre Spring 18 Fashion Film

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Fashion films are the new runway show. A week after Kenzo and Natasha Lyonne wowed us with a bizarre clown-centric film about Maya Rudolph discovering her soul and pushing us towards an existential crisis, avant-garde maestro Gareth Pugh has unleashed a 16-minute art film to show off his new collection.

Indeed, for spring 18 Pugh teamed with venerable photographer Nick Knight for a film that debuted at London’s BFI IMAX, which is reportedly the biggest movie screen in Europe. He also employed choreographer Wayne McGregor, as well as performance artist Olivier de Sagazan. In the beginning of the piece, Sagazan and Pugh smear clay over each other’s faces and bodies until they’re completely covered, like some high fashion ritual spa day.

It’s not until two-thirds of the way into the film that the clothes are unveiled, beginning with a gag-worthy red-haired model in a metallic red trench coat. Eventually, more models enter the red-and-black mirrored room until, suddenly, holy music begins to blare and it shifts to gold and white light. We won’t spoil the finale but, between this and the Kenzo film, we’re definitely ready for absurdist, artistic fashion shorts to become the new normal.


Ezra Koenig Made an Anime Show Starring Jaden Smith

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Who could’ve guessed that in 2017, two alumni of Vampire Weekend would go in two wildly different directions? While Rostam Batmanglij split off from the band to release his solo album Half-Life last week, lead singer Ezra Koenig is…releasing an anime show starring Jaden Smith on Netflix.

Neo Yokio is a new, six-episode series premiering this week that Koenig created, wrote and executive produced, alongside Nick Weidenfeld. It will follow Kaz Kaan, the youngest child in a family of “magistocrats,” or pink-haired demon slayers, that liberated the city of Neo Yokio back in the day. Oh, and Neo Yokio is a futuristic version of New York by way of Tokyo.

Since the show is largely about the problems Kaz faces as one of the city’s most eligible bachelors, and features major first world problems like who he’ll take to a gala at the Met or his heartbreak over getting dumped by his girlfriend, it’s a bit like Gossip Girl but with demons and robot butlers.

The robot butler, by the way, is voiced by Jude Law – as if the premise of the show wasn’t crazy enough. Besides Smith and Law, it also features the voice talents of Susan Sarandon, Tavi Gevinson, Jason Schwartzman, Steve Buscemi and Amandla Stenberg.

How this was made we may never know; but it may be the most millennial-focused anime show of all time, right down to the millennial pink title slide. All the Netflix episodes of Neo Yokio drop on Friday, September 22nd.


A New, Dark-Skinned Powerpuff Girl Joins Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup

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The Powerpuff Girls have always been one big happy family, but now their sisterhood is making room for one more. Bliss, a brown-skinned, blue-haired sister is joining the iconic trio of Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup as part of a new five-part movie event.

In case you’re wondering, she was created by Professor X before Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup were even in the picture; but rather than using Chemical X, she was made with Chemical W, which tied her superpowers to her emotions. That means when she gets pissed, she combusts and damages everything around her. She quickly got tired of causing more harm than good and ran way to Bird Poop Island (yes, that’s really where she went) to exile herself…until now.

The creation of Bliss is a major step forward for a show that already established its feminist street cred when it premiered in 1998. Since then, the show has aired over 78 episodes, a feature film, and a Christmas special. The newest Powerpuff Girl is voiced by South African rapper Toya Delazy.

When speaking to South African Elle about the role, she heaped praise on the show and what it means for young black girls like herself, who grew up watching the original: “It feels amazing; there’s nothing more I can say…to fill girls, especially young black girls, with that energy to say you can do anything. That was the point of Powerpuff Girls. It was to make young girls dream that they can be superheroes.”

Alongside more fleshed-out personalities for the girls, the creators have also fixed the sexist portrayal of the mayor’s assistant, Miss Bellum; and they’ve included a new villain named Manboy, who is child-sized but has super-strength.

All in a day’s work for Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup and Bliss.


Miley Cyrus Releases Breakup Track ‘Week Without You’

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Miley Cyrus dropped a new breakup track just in time for you to kick your summer lover to the curb. The single from the new Younger Now album is fittingly called “Week Without You,” and it may have you strumming your imaginary guitar on your fire escape, while you cry and chain smoke.

In the twangy country song, Cyrus sings about spending a week without her lover, which, let’s be real, is probably Liam Hemsworth, considering she co-wrote and co-produced every song on the upcoming record. “I know that I gave you my heart, but you stomped it to the ground,” she sings on the chorus. “And that’s what’s got me wondering what is like to not have you around.”



The track is the latest in a heavy run of releases from Miley. Last week, she turned her Rainbowland Studios into a BBC Live Lounge set, and performed country versions of “See You Again” and “Party in the U.S.A.”…as well as a cover of the Roberta Flack classic “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.” Check them all out below.


A Dark ‘Riverdale’ Spinoff About Sabrina the Teenage Witch is Coming

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The drama in Riverdale may be heating up ahead of season two, as across the river, something wicked this way comes. A companion series to our new favorite guilty pleasure is in the works and it stars none other than Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Don’t expect animatronic cats and Melissa Joan Hart, though.

The new show is taking a page from Riverdale’s “Archie Comics meets Twin Peaks” vibe and reimagining Sabrina as a dark coming-of-age tale that’s being described as being in the vein of Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist. Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is writing the new adaptation and basing it off of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic that he wrote himself. As The CW describes it: “This finds Sabrina wrestling to reconcile her dual nature – half-witch, half-mortal – while standing against the evil forces that threaten her, her family and the daylight world humans inhabit.”

The announcement should induce a sigh of relief from Riverdale’s most hardcore fans. The addition of Sabrina has been whispered about for months and she even made an appearance in the season finale – albeit in comic book form. The show won’t air until the CW’s 2018–2019 season, but we have a whole new, sexier season of Riverdale to look forward to on October 11th.


Maya Rudolph, Fred Armisen Star in Kenzo Fashion Film

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If you’re looking for clown content that’s a little less It and American Horror Story: Cult and a little more existentially distressing, you may want to take 13 minutes to watch Kenzo’s new fashion film. Cabiria, Charity, Chastity is the directorial debut of Orange is the New Black actress Natasha Lyonne, and to say that it’s bizarre would be a massive, egregious understatement.

Kenzo is already known for creating top quality, surrealist films for its collections – their last, directed by Spike Jonze, won a Grand Prix at Cannes this year – and this clown-centric piece doesn’t disappoint. Lyonne wrangled up a star-studded cast that includes Maya Rudolph, Fred Armisen, Macaulay Culkin, Leslie Odom Jr., and Greta Lee. Oh, and she got almost all of them simply by texting them – because Lyonne is just that good.

In the film, Rudolph plays Chastity, who winds up on a time-traveling journey of self-discovery that includes clown school (as taught by Armisen), a cabaret, a terrifying Macaulay Culkin, and a gibberish language that the director made up for the film. We’d try to explain the story, but after two run-throughs, we still have literally no idea what any of it means.

While we anxiously await Kenzo’s SS18 show on September 27, to see how the film ties in, take a break and watch it in all its weird glory.