David Hallberg Stars in New Tiffany and Co. Campaign

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Tiffany and Co., the fabled jewelry company that inspired Breakfast at Tiffany’s, launched today their fall ’17 campaign and it’s as dazzling as their diamonds. For Reed Krakoff’s first creative expression for the design house, called “There’s Only One,” he enlisted David Hallberg, Zoe Kravitz, Janelle Monae, Elle Fanning, St. Vincent’s Annie Clark, and Cameron Russell. Among these six creatives who rule their respective industries, one of the boldest choices comes in the lithe form of David Hallberg, the world-famous classical ballet dancer.

In his portrait for the series, shot by acclaimed fashion photographers Inez & Vinoodh, his wild, golden brown hair sits perched between his piercing blue eyes as he models one of the company’s classic, jewel-encrusted brooches—the Schlumberger Bird on a Rock clip. For Hallberg, the campaign was a perfect fit creatively. “This Tiffany and Co. campaign personally resonates because it expresses creative vision and individuality. These are ideals I have lived by through personal expression not only in my art but also my overall life,” he told OUT.

But creative expression wasn’t the only draw for the campaign. It was the inclusion of key members of the LGBTQ community like Hallberg, Russell, and Clark that struck a chord and brought a heavy dose of pride to the campaign, as Hallberg explained: “The importance lies within free individual expression of any walk of life. This campaign shows that support of all people is an imperative path into future acceptance not only of the LGBTQ community, but any community in our lives.”

Harley Weir Shoots M.I.A. and Other Creatives for the Hugo Boss AW17 Campaign

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What do you get when you put a bunch of creatives on an old fairground with famed photographer Harley Weir? The answer, it seems, is a surprisingly sick lookbook for for the AW17 HUGO by Hugo Boss collection. The photos feel like classic Americana rerouted through an inspired pastiche of David Lynch films and starring M.I.A. in all her glam and glory.

For the “Bad Girls” singer’s second campaign for Hugo Boss, she was joined by a group of artists, musicians, models, and actors. Among them are models Tony Ward, Paul Hameline, Manami Kinoshita, and Jamie Bochert; actor Jamie Campbell Bower; and social media stars Lisa and Lena. Besides lounging around the abandoned fairground in the designer’s iconic suits, a handful of them show up in videos on the Hugo Boss Instagram to showcase their personalities as well as their striking good looks.

Before you go watch skater and model extraordinaire Olan Prenatt make out with his girlfriend for a Hugo Boss campaign, click through the slideshow to check out our favorite shots.

Photos by Harley Weir, courtesy of HUGO.

Brad Pitt Talked on His Phone While Frank Ocean Serenaded Him at FYF Fest

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“Just like me, they long to be close to you” is a heartbreaking Frank Ocean lyric in and of itself. However, when that lyric is sung with a soulful ache on stage at FYF Fest while a camera captures Brad Pitt talking solemnly on his phone, it becomes art. The performance art piece came in the middle of Ocean’s triumphant return to the LA music festival he notoriously cancelled on back in 2015 and it cemented the singer’s bromance with Pitt as the stuff of legend.

For those of you who’ve missed this simmering relationship between the two masters of their field, here’s a refresher course. In May, Pitt told GQ that in the midst of his divorce with Angelina Jolie (which we’re still reeling from if we’re being honest with ourselves), he started listening to a lot of Frank Ocean, saying: “I find this young man so special. Talk about getting to the raw truth. He’s painfully honest. He’s very, very special.” Not long after that revelation, Ocean performed in Manchester, England draped in a shirt with Pitt’s face on it.

Now, the slow burn of tension between the two finally culminated at Exposition Park and it’s beautiful. As Ocean began with “Close to You” and ended with a rendition of Jackson 5’s “Never Can Say Goodbye,” Pitt’s phone never left his ear. Who was he talking to? Angelina? A divorce lawyer? The Seamless delivery man? His own hopes and dreams?

We may never know, but the videographer who filmed him (and Ocean’s full set) was allegedly none other than auteur filmmaker Spike Jonze, so we may be seeing Pitt’s solemn face talking on his cell phone in some art film in the near future.

Lana Del Rey Blasts the ‘Little F*ckers’ Who Leaked Her New Album

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If you’ve got a lust for life, it may be best to simmer down for a minute or face the wrath of Lana Del Rey. We know you’re simmering with barely-contained excitement for her long-awaited Lust for Life album, but seriously, don’t go looking for it, you “little fuckers.”

Security has been surprisingly tight for the fourth album from the sleepy-voiced songstress, with critics not even getting advance copies before Friday’s release. Yet, that didn’t stop a record store in Canada from giving some groupie love to its customers (and provided one massive summer bummer to Lana Del Rey) when it started selling the record early, according to Reddit. As with any premature release, it soon leaked everywhere and was found on torrenting sites last night. When the news of the leak reached Del Rey on Twitter, the singer’s stoic and laid back persona gave way to a hilariously sharp reaction:

“I’m so known for having everything leak,” she told Zane Lowe last week on Beats 1. “I like things to be a surprise, and I love a schedule. I don’t like that kind. That is so annoying”

The album drops on Friday and, while we don’t condone being a “little fucker” and finding an early copy, we will say that (hypothetically, of course) the song featuring Stevie Nicks is everything we’ve ever wanted. With that said, catch up on the sleepy, summertime videos she’s released so far as you count the days until Friday’s official release and preorder the album, here.

Raun LaRose Went Back to the Future for His 80’s, Tech-Inspired ‘System Down’ Collection

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If Kip’s soulful crooning about his love for technology at the end of Napoleon Dynamite was a precursor to our embrace of capitalistic desires for gadgetry, Raun LaRose’s SS ‘18 show was the fashionable takedown of tech one garment at a time. For his System Down collection, the 29-year-old designer went back to the future for an overstated, 80s-inspired show.

The greed of Wall Street, Silicon Valley origins, and the technology boom provided a stark mood board to reflect on the tight grip of tech on modern society. Corporate power suits, bomber jackets, graphic tees, and wide-leg trousers received a notable upgrade with the help of Portuguese artist José Cunha, whose graphic designs on the garments were inspired by error messages from old, malfunctioning computers. With many models outfitted in oversized glasses some might label as “nerdy,” the short-trousers and boxy silhouettes found a modern, science fiction flair thanks to a range of metallic and inorganic fabrics.

“As technology progresses…we as a people disconnect. I wanted to trace back to when the start of the tech wave began in the 80s, he told Vice. “With the combination of fashion becoming such a consumerist market and creativity or expression being a by-factor, I found it important to express my feelings toward that by just creating what I wanted versus what the system tells us to.”

The Female and GNC Music Collective SISTER Just Dropped Their First Album

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What do over 1,300 women and gender-nonconforming people have in common? They’re all part of SISTER, a virtual collective of electronic music producers who are shattering stereotypes one beat at a time. The global network, which began as a Facebook group in 2015 by Swedish producer Toxe, has already created a steady stream of sick mixes, but that was just a warmup.

The collective just released a 20-track compilation called Sister: Volume One stuffed full of club-ready bangers. Infused with sounds as diverse as their membership, the album was curated by producers and creative directors Coral Foxworth (or FWRK) and Lenora Thornton (a.k.a. Lenora Jayne).

The entire mix, streaming now on The Fader, is a powerful, sonic pushback against the male-dominated production industry. “”Each track is a microcosm of the artist’s experience in the world, the pain and delight of existing within that,” she explained. “[I’m] proud of the work that these artists are taking risks on and putting their entire selves into. They are shaping the future of music.” Head to The Fader to listen to the full album and check out some of our favorite mixes below.

Naomi Campbell Crowns Manolo Blahnik the “King of Shoes” in New Documentary

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Only one man has earned the nickname “king of shoes” by queen Naomi Campbell and had Anna Wintour profess that she only wears his footwear. His name is Manolo Blahnik and his legendary, romanticized shoes are the subject of a new, star-studded documentary called Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards.

Yes, long before the 74-year-old designer became the go-to shoemaker to the stars, he was a child designing tiny shoes for lizards. The preview for the Michael Roberts-directed documentary, set for release in September, traces back the life of the man credited with reviving the stiletto heel in the 1970s. Among the packed roster of celebrity interviews, there are moments with Isaac Mizrahi, Paloma Picasso, Sex and the City creator Candace Bushnell, and Rihanna—the latter laughing along as the designer reveals men get angry with him because their wives love his shoes more than them.

It also features some extremely quotable dialogue, like the line: “I was not a very quiet boy. Never was, never will be.” Fuck it up, girl. While we wait for the official release and strap on your Manolo’s for the premiere, catch up on some of the best fashion documentaries of the last five years, including 2010’s Bill Cunningham and 2014’s Dior and I.

Jaden Smith Shares New, Rock-Heavy Track ‘Watch Me’ and Roc Nation Collab

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Watch him. A month after dusting off the all-white Batman suit he usually reserves for casual events like prom or Kim and Kanye’s wedding for his “Batman” music video, Jaden Smith is back at it again with a new single called “Watch Me.” With a guitar-heavy production reminiscent of Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead,” the new track has a chanting hook and a sound fit for arena shows, which he might be headed toward.

To say that the gender-defying young rapper, artist, and water bottle entrepreneur is having a big moment lately is an understatement. Besides the two new singles for his upcoming Syre album, Smith has also been busy teasing the debut of a K-POP single and establishing a partnership between Roc Nation and his art collective MSFTSrep, the art collective he runs with his sister Willow.

As part of the new deal, the Smith siblings and their friend Harry Hudson (currently the only three artists in the collective) will produce music under the Roc Nation name. The news is surprising given that the collective has been intentionally vague since its inception in 2013.

In typical Jaden Smith fashion, the website describes the group as “a creative work force dedicated to supporting and waking up the population of planet earth, through attaining knowledge and personal growth. But even that puts it into a box. Anything that could be put into words puts it in a box, because MSFTSrep is more of an expression rather than an explanation.”

Viktor & Rolf’s Oversized Doll Heads Steal the Show at Paris Couture Week

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Have you ever daydreamed about what would happen if a Bratz Doll and a Cabbage Patch Kid got mixed together and sent down a high fashion runway? Good news! Dutch design house Viktor & Rolf made your dreams come true today at Paris Couture Week with one of the strangest runway shows of the season.

For their Fall 2017 Couture show, the avant-garde design duo Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren sent a diverse range of models down the catwalk as Action Dolls, which is a glitzy way of saying half the models walked the runway in in oversized dolls heads before the second half of the show brought out converted, wearable version of the looks. That’s not to say you can’t wear oversized dolls heads on the streets, but we have a feeling they wouldn’t pay the hospital fee of the bike messenger you’d run into trying to cross 5th Avenue.

Dolls weren’t the only theatrical flourish the designers brought to Paris Couture Week. The garments themselves continued the theme with larger-than-life ruffles; sleek, quilted nylon; and patchwork detailing your grandma would be proud of under the oversized bomber jackets.

Check out some of our favorite looks below.

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