Emily Takes Manhattan: Brooklyn’s Hippest Pizza Arrives in the West Village

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Photos by Meg Farrell

Nothing pairs better with summer (or winter, or spring…) in the city than a slice of pizza that verges on perfection. Curiously in NYC, “Za” has never been hotter – thanks partly to a new trend in…Detroit style pies.

The formidable team behind this Motor City culinary invasion is Emily Hyland and chef-hubby Matt. The former lent her name to their two Brooklyn hotspots Emmy Squared and Pizza Loves Emily, where their version of crispy edged, cheese filled, chewy pizzas have equally won over the locals and the BK foodie police.



They’ve just opened a third, the equally charmingly named Emily, which takes them into Manhattan – specifically the gorgeous West Village space that formerly housed Blue Ribbon Bakery – for the first time.

“We were on a simple walk about with our realtor,” says Emily, “and he brought us to Blue Ribbon. Once we saw the iconic space with the historic oven was available, it wasn’t even a question that’s where we were supposed to be.”

They’re also messing with the formula a bit, adding round New Haven and traditional thinner New York style pizzas – but all prepared in their 18-foot deep, wood fired oven. The square-pan Detroit craze continues here, and gets unique, but very trend-aware toppings like miso queso, kimchi, sesame and bacon. Feeling really adventurous? Go for the vodka sauce with pickled chili and honey.



“Everything is very much meant to feel like [the Brooklyn] Emily,” Matt explains, “but since we have the space to play in the kitchen, we are able to offer a wider array of food.”

The restaurant wisdom, of course, goes, “do one thing really well.” Amazingly, though, the Emmy Burger, served on a pretzel bun with dry-aged Pat LaFrieda beef and good old American cheese, is among the best in the city. It’s now joined by a pressed duck sandwich and the “Lammy” burger, served with one of our  faves…curly fries! Which you can also get topped with miso queso, pickled jalapeno, olives and scallions. Got all that?



The hidden health gem in this carb-loading nirvana? The local veggies cooked in the same wood fired oven as those crispy, cheesy pies: smokey carrots paired with tahini lentils and mint, or seasonal oki veggies, roasted and served in a cast iron pan with bonito, okonomi sauce and Kewpie mayo.

The cocktail list is appropriately cutesy – so just go for it and pair your meal with a summer refresher called “Phoebe in the Field,” a vodka lavender lemonade that will chill the steamiest nights.

But, really, go for the pizza.

As Emily explains it, “We think pizza is archetypal. It is part of the fabric of who we are as New Yorkers, as Americans. It is a timeless and beautiful food.”



Pig Beach/Bleecker Chef Matt Abdoo’s 7 Ways to Get Your Summer BBQ Fix – Including Exclusive Recipes

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Image by Katie June Burton 

The lazy days of summer are finally here, but who in New York really has the energy to dust off the grill for a backyard BBQ? Luckily, a picnic bench filled with brisket, pulled pork and icy beverages awaits at the new Pig Beach in Brooklyn. It’s this summer’s must food destination for all those who have understood and indulged in the joys of the subtle smoke of a perfectly grilled heritage Red Wattle pork chop, dolloped with peach habanero jam and crispy onions at Pig Bleecker – the sister restaurant and West Village pilgrimage for ‘cue heads since its debut earlier this year.

And when there are two options for getting your smoked pork fix, everybody wins. Especially when they’re the product of the same chefs behind “Salty Rinse,” award-winning Pitmasters Rob Sharger and Ed Mcfarland, teamed up with former Del Posto Chef de Cuisine Matt Abdoo. The latter’s Lebanese heritage and experience with fine Italian cuisine ensure a few tasty surprises in both locations.

But the dueling Pigs, while sharing the same reverence for whole hog BBQ and heavenly, smoky goodness, couldn’t be more different. Abdoo enlightens us – and shares a couple of his tastiest recipes.

Image by Katie June Burton

Barbecued Pasta?

“Even the pasta at Pig Bleecker gets the BBQ treatment, with smoked black pepper cacio e pepe and smoked duck lasagna. Don’t miss the pecan-candied bacon.”

Southern Flavor in NYC

“At Pig Beach, you can munch on house made hatch chili vinegar drenched wings, paired with a side of Alabama white BBQ sauce and house made pickles. You don’t have to leave New York for authentic southern flavor.”

Smoked Fluke…

“The new summer menu at Pig Bleecker boasts such fresh finds as smoked fluke with peas and ramps and a soba noodle salad with ginger vinaigrette. Start off with a house made cocktail called ‘Put the Lime in the Coconut,’ a slightly smoky mezcal Paloma with grapefruit juice, lime and, of course, coconut.”

Frosé – Just Give In To It

“Hot days lead into hot summer nights, and Pig Beach can help you cool down with ice blended Frosé. This summer, frozen rosé is the only way to beat the heat, with a mixture of aperol, grapefruit and bitters.”


“You can mix it up a bit at Pig Bleecker, with classic comfort foods like pigs in a blanket and meatballs, both with a smoked-centric ethos.”

Image by Katie B Foster


Smoked and Blackened Market Fish with Spring Pea, Mint and Pecorino Salad with Smoke Tomato Broth

Blackened Spice Mix
Salt                                          2 Tbsp
Sweet Paprika                       3 Tbsp
Granulated Garlic                  2 Tbsp
Granulated Onion                 2 Tbsp
Dry Thyme Ground               2 Tbsp
Ground Black Pepper           2 tsp
Cayenne Pepper                   2 tsp
Dry Basil                                 2 tsp
Dry Oregano                          2 tsp
Combine all ingredients and store in an air tight dry container
Pickling Liquid
Rice Wine Vinegar                 6 Cups
Sugar                                      6 Cups
Water                                     6 Cups
Salt                                          1 Cup
Pickling Spice Blend              ¼ Cup
Chili Flake                              1 tsp
Mustard Seeds                      ¼ Cup
Ramps                                                2 Pounds
Combine Rice Wine Vinegar, Sugar, Water and Salt in a large Pot and bring to a boil. Combine Pickling Spice, Chili Flake, Mustard Seeds and wrap in cheese cloth. Place spice sachet in the pickling liquid and simmer for 5 minutes. Pour hot pickling liquid over cleaned Ramps and let sit covered at room temp for 1 hour, then cool and hold in refrigeration until ready to use. 
Smoked Tomato Broth
Plum Tomatoes                     2 Pounds
Whole Shallots                       2 each
Basil                                        8 leaves
White Wine Vinegar             1 Tbsp
Salt                                          tt
Sugar                                      to taste
Pre-Heat your smoker to 250 degrees with cherry wood. Slice tomatoes and shallots in half length-wise. Place the tomatoes skin side down in a shallow hotel pan with shallots and smoke for 1 hour until tomatoes take on the smoke aroma and begin to soften. Transfer tomatoes and shallots to a Food Processor or blender and puree till smooth. Pour the tomato puree into a perforated hotel pan lined with cheese cloth set atop a deep hotel pan and allow the tomato to slowly drain overnight. Season the tomato water with salt, sugar and vinegar. Bring to a boil to garnish the fish.
Pea Puree
Birds Eye frozen petite peas                        1 Quart
Salt                                                      to taste
Sugar                                                  to taste
Blanch frozen peas for 10 seconds in salted boiling water and shock in ice water then puree till silky smooth. Adjust with salt and sugar to taste.
Pick Up of the Fish
Pre-heat griddle top or sautee pan over medium high heat. Season fish with Blackening Spice mix and Sear Skin Side Up until seasoning “Blackens” and creates a crust. Flip the fish over and finish with 1 tbsp of butter and baste fish until cooked through.
In a mixing bowl combine Peas, Julienne Sugar Snap Peas, Fava Leaves, Pea Leaves, Charred Spring Onion Rings, Chopped Pickled Ramps and Grated Ricotta Silatta with EVOO Salt and Pepper. Place 1 Tbsp of pea puree off-set on the bottom of a shallow bowl, and place blacked fish on top. Place salad next to fish and pour warm smoked tomato broth over salad and serve.


Purple Coleslaw with Smoked Jalapeno and Pineapple

Shredded Purple Cabbage                1#
Shredded Carrots                                8oz
Pineapple Small Dice                         1 cup
Red Onion Thin Sliced                        2 oz
Scallions Sliced                                     1 oz
Cilantro Chopped                                1 tbsp
Sugar                                                     3 tbsp
Salt                                                         1 tsp
Helman’s                                               1 Cup
Alabama White Sauce                       5 oz
Smoked Jalapeno                                2 each
Cilantro                                 1/3 bunch
Apple Cider Vinegar                           1 tbsp
Salt                                                         1 tsp
Toss Jalapeno in oil and season with salt and pepper.  Cook in smoker at 250 degrees for 1 hour with cherry wood, or until jalapenos are soft. Remove the seeds and place jalapenos in blender with cilantro, apple cider vinegar, salt and Alabama white sauce.  Puree till smooth and green.  Combine remaining ingredients and allow to sit overnight before portioning.
Alabama White Sauce
Sugar                                     ¼ c
Mayo                                     3c
Apple cider vinegar            1c
Apple juice                            ½ c
Lemon juice                          ½ c
Horseradish                          1t
Black pepper                        1T
Salt                                         1t


It’s World Gin Day! Our Fave Summer Gin Cocktails at the New Campbell Bar

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The Campbell Apartment was probably the most legendary “secret” nightlife spot in all of NYC. Ask one person, and they’ll speak of it in exalted tones; ask another, and they’ll look at you in bafflement. But the exciting news for Gotham’s sophisticated tipplers is that it has reopened – under the Gerber Group banner – as The Campbell Bar.

Tucked away behind Cipriani and up a flight of stairs at Grand Central Terminal, it is an opulent oasis of luxury, and an alluring throwback to another era. The former home of a jazz-age businessman dating to 1923 (Mr. Campbell’s own steel safe sits tucked into the fireplace) now flaunts plush leather sofas, dramatically beamed ceilings and soft, sexy lighting. For something a little less grandiose, opt for the Campbell Terrace, with outdoor high tops, or the more casual, but still secluded Campbell Palm Court.

As for the cocktails, with World Gin Day coming up June 10, there’s never been a better time to tipple at the Campbell Bar. And surely all through the summer gin will be the perfect cure for any steamy night, with the Blonde Negroni served chilled and perfectly balanced, garnished with an orange twist. Or ride the line between flowery and refreshing that is the Aviation, with shaken Crème de Violet and chilled gin – and there’s just something so urbane about a drink with brandied cherries.

And for nibbles? Try the crispy tuna tartare tacos and meatball sliders, or the butcher’s block with house made charcuterie and rich country pate.


Blonde Negroni

.75 oz SUZE
Add all contents into mixing glass.
Stir and Strain into Nick & Nora Glass.
Garnish with an Orange Peel.




.75 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
Add all contents into a mixing glass
Shake and strain into a Coupe
Garnish with 3 skewered Brandied Cherries



BlackBook Interview: Delish Summer Pasta Recipes from Lilia Chef Missy Robbins

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Still can’t score a reservation at Lilia, Chef Missy Robbins’ rapturously reviewed Brooklyn restaurant? You’re not the only one. It could be the handmade pastas and tortellini, or the wood fired fish. Maybe it’s the off-menu secret rib eye, basted in rosemary butter, that sells out by 8PM. Or possibly it’s the revamped former garage turned stylish Williamsburg restaurant space that has them lining up.

“I think Williamsburg picked me,” she reckons. “I looked for a very long time – I actually wanted to open in the West Village. But it’s probably the best decision I’ve made in my life. I’ve never been in a neighborhood restaurant; being a part of the community is awesome. “

Her food speaks for itself. Especially for warm summer nights, her perfectly balanced dishes provide, as as she says, “this canvas for light, fresh, bright flavors that I really love. I think it’s all really fun. Blowfish tails have been a big hit for us. “

Where does she draw inspiration? “I left (A Voce) in 2013 and opened in 2016, and did a lot of home cooking [during that time] that has been adapted for the restaurant. A lot came out of stuff I started eating.”

And about that famous mafaldine? The pasta named after an Italian princess, tossed with pink peppercorns and Parmigiano-Reggiano will never go out of season – and you must try it at least once.

But what can all those devoted fans expect at Lilia in the coming months? “We change once a week, I like to introduce one or two dishes at a time. We put a ramp focaccia on, and then a potato dish on. Asparagus will be one next week. Then fava beans, some pea stuff.”

She takes an off-hand question about where she buys her pasta as a compliment. For the record, all pastas are made daily in house.


Lilia interior 



Orechiette Broccoli Pesto

2 Heads Broccoli, just the tops. Reserve the stems for another use
1 head broccoli rabe
1 bunch basil
1.5 cup olive oil
5 cloves garlic
1 cup chopped pistachios
1 cup parmigiano reggiano
1cup pecorino romano
  1. bring a large pot of water to a boil and salt to taste (should taste like the ocean)
  2. blanch the broccoli until tender yet still green. Shock the broccoli in ice water and repeat two more times. This process will make the broccoli bery green but also quite tender
  3. Blanch the broccoli rabe in the same method as above
  4. Blanch the basil leaves and shock. Squeeze out the water and set aside
  5. Hand chop very finely the broccoli rabe
  6. Place the broccoli in a food processor and pulse until chopped fine
  7. Mix the broccoli and broccoli rabe in a large mixing bowl and cover with the olive oil. Add the cheese, the pistachios.
  8. In a blender make a basil puree with a touch of water and the blanched basil.
  9. Add the basil puree to the bowl and mix.


Spaghetti with Clams & Summer Herbs

Servings: 4

Prep: 15 minutes

Total: 30 minutes



kosher salt, to taste
1 pound dried or fresh spaghetti
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons unsalted butter
8 garlic cloves, thinly sliced
1 teaspoon chili flakes
6 ounces cooked clam meat
freshly ground black pepper, to taste
dill, for garnish
  1. Bring a large pot of generously salted water to a boil. Add the spaghetti and cook until al dente, then drain, reserving a ladle-full of water.
  2. Meanwhile, heat half of the oil and butter in a 12-inch skillet over medium-high. Add the garlic cloves and cook 3 minutes. Add the chili flakes and cook 1 minute more. Add the remaining oil and butter, the spaghetti and reserved cooking liquid, and the clams and toss well to combine. Season with salt and pepper.
  3. Transfer pasta to a serving plate and garnish with the dill.



Jean-Georges, Mario Batali, Angie Mar Lead EAT (RED) Benefit 2017

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Mario Batali Image by Daniel Krieger

What happens when Mario Batali, Ina Garten, Jean-Georges, Danny Bowien and Angie Mar team up? An epic night of food and film.

Indeed, get ready for (RED) Food + Film Fest presented by EAT (RED) SAVE LIVES. 
Not only is it an opportunity to #86AIDS, but you can join the fight as part of a genuinely original event this June 20, as the sometimes fashion-clad Bryant Park lawn will be transformed into a sprawling outdoor movie theater. Referred to as the “ultimate New York picnic, ” guests can lounge and relax with gourmet nibbles and sips crafted from some of the top chefs in the country.

Can’t make it to Bryant Park? Don’t worry, EAT (RED) celebrates its return with a full month of June events and all for a good cause. Or try the (HELLOFRESH)RED MEAL KITS, perfect for those who prefer to indulge for a good cause at home. Throughout the month of June, HelloFresh will be offering limited edition kits with exclusively crafted recipes from Mario Batali, Emeril Lagasse, Rachael Ray and Carla Hall. It’s like having a celebrity chef in your own kitchen.

Or check out some of the special offerings from The Batali and Bastianach Hospitality group and The Palms, among others, that will benefit operation #86AIDS.

Look out for more info during the month of May as events pop up on social media. The $100 tickets for (RED) Food + Film Fest presented by EAT (RED) SAVE LIVES go on sale May 18, with 100% of the ticket price going to fight AIDS.


Danny Bowien 


10 Exquisite Ice Creams You’ll Definitely be Eating This Summer

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Above image: Wooly’s 

I scream, you scream – we all scream when we watch the political circus playing out across our television screens. Luckily, ice cream cures almost everything; and it’s much tastier than Xanax.

And as you might expect, summer in New York brings wildly adventurous flavor creations (though we’d strongly recommend against anything with beetroot in it), which will make you forget you ever heard the words “Rocky Road.” Here are some of our favorites.


Wooly’s NYC

Shaved snow, with flavor combos like Party Rocks featuring Fruity Pebbles or Sea Salt Leche. Who knew snow could be so hot?


Shaved ice cream is the frozen trend you never knew you needed. Sourced from local dairies in Hudson Valley, it doesn’t get fresher or tastier. Pick a base like toasted black sesame or vegan coconut and top with anything from Pocky Sticks to Cap’n Crunch. Summer is suddenly a lot cooler.

Ube Kitchen

Ube ice cream, a frozen treat from the Philippines, made with mashed ube, a purple tuber, as a base. A plant based frozen treat? A dessert you can feel good about.



Van Leeuwen

From a single ice cream truck to multiple brick and mortar locations in Brooklyn and downtown Manhattan and vegan versions of most flavors, everyone leaves happy. Try their Toasted Coconut with Hibiscus Cherry Jam and Black Pepper or Milk Chocolate Birthday Cake.

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

This Chinatown family-run outpost has been serving scoops for over 30 years. Who wouldn’t keep coming back to Black Sesame Ice Cream or Red Bean or a sweet treat from a Malaysian leaf called Pandan?


Can’t get out of the country to travel? Stay local but eat adventurously with the robust Indian flavors in this Brooklyn gem. A bite of Golden Turmeric accented with ginger or rose with cinnamon roasted almonds and travel and you’ll never want to leave New York. Also available at Williamsburg’s Smorgasburg.



Oddfellows Ice Cream

Chocotort, Black Pepper Fig and Matcha Crunch deliciously push the flavor envelope. With Locations in Williamsburg and lower Manhattan, this scoop is worth the trip.


When in the West village, pop into Popbar, the only frozen gelato on a stick you’ll ever need. Hand-made gelato and sorbetto are formed and dipped in toppings like chocolate and pistachio.



Morgenstern’s Ice Cream of NYC

It isn’t your typical scoop shop. Every month they dub a new “Sorbae,” or monthly pin-up calendar showcasing arts and culture. Also, the ice cream is pretty fab. Whether you indulge in the Vietnamese coffee, the King Kong Banana Split or Black Coconut Ash topped with Sweet Potato Caramel, you simply can’t go wrong.

Ice & Vice

Don’t expect Ice & Vice, the hot and heavy impending summer star, to carry your faves. They take ice cream to the next level. Pickles of the Caribbean is a combination of pickled pineapple jam with rum and coconut and Olive Garden has black garlic, olive oil and sweet corn crumble. Your next favorite ice cream flavor is in there somewhere.


Five Reasons the Pinknic Festival Will be a Summer ’17 Foodie ‘Must’

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When Chris Santos isn’t judging the Food Network’s Chopped, or jetting off to Las Vegas and LA to check on new outposts of Beauty & Essex, he keeps close to his favorite place, Manhattan – where he lords over one of its most high-profile food events. Indeed, in his second year of creating menus for Pinknic, the all-day Governor’s Island rosé and music extravaganza, the “rock star” chef is changing the way people think about festival eats.

With the best of Vandal, Beauty & Essex and Stanton Social` filling gourmet picnic baskets, he seems thrilled to be challenging foodie perceptions: “It seemed like a very unique event, like they were on to something new and cool.” The rub? Pink- and white-clad attendees can choose from three fully stocked baskets, or opt for a la carte choices in the Food Court.

Here are our top five reasons Pinknic will be an early summer “can’t miss.”



Pink macarons…

…with raspberry and rose ganache. A nod to Chef Santos’ pastry “Big Sexy,” it’s the perfect way to kick off a day of rosé sipping. Available at the Pinknic Food Court.

Each basket…

…comes with a reusable “Rosé All Day” tote bag to commemorate the occasion, as well as a variety of sparkling waters and thirst quenchers in flavors like watermelon lime and strawberry lemon.

Nothing pairs better with rosé,,,

…than a full stomach – so each basket contains a full three-course meal for two people. With a vegetarian option featuring charred miso asparagus and nori wasabi-dusted soba noodles, even the carnivores might be tempted to cross over. However, meat-eater options include shaved sirloin sandwiches on pretzel rolls or pork belly BLTs with lobster aioli.

Can’t decide…

…between the shrimp roll with old Bay dusted potato chips or the sushi grade tuna tataki with lo-mein noodles and sesame? Grab them both and share.


…How do you make rosé better? Blend with ice and serve chilled. Grab one and head to the Ferris Wheel for stunning views of the city. Magic!

Pinknic returns to Governors Island this June 24th and 25th


Dominique Ansel on What Could be His Next Cronut®

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Photo by Vincent Ma

At the by now legendary Dominique Ansel Bakery in Soho the madeleines, mini shell-shaped cakes, aren’t baked until they’re ordered, he explains, “so you can enjoy them just out of the oven.” Which pretty much sums up his obsession with providing the best pastries in the city.

Hard to believe it’s been four years but in the new celebrity pastry chef’s words, “when we first launched the Cronut®, it was just another new item. Our very first flavor was Rose Vanilla, and I decided from then on, we’d develop one flavor each month. For us, it’s not about cutting and pasting, but really pushing to develop something new.”

After launching “almost 80 different flavors since the start, never repeating,” you would think it would have been enough. Yet not only does the menu change every 6-8 weeks, but with a seemingly never-ending supply of glorious flavor creations – like peppermint cherry and this month’s blood orange almond – the still adored Cronut® is apparently never going away (It’s now available in Tokyo, London and soon to be Los Angeles.)

But what we really wanted to know from Ansel was…what will be his next Cronut®?

Photo by Thomas Schauer

I  DKA or Dominique’s Kouign Amman, which he describes as “almost like a caramelized croissant, with tender and flaky layers on the inside and a crunchy caramelized crust on the outside. I have one every morning for breakfast.”


II  This summer get ready for a seasonal soft serve window, with flavors like burrata and balsamic caramel, micro basil and confit strawberries.


III  DKA Ice cream sandwich takes that caramelized croissant, slices it in half and adds a perfect scoop of salted caramel, chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Other flavors available.


IV  The Matcha Latte with a sakura marshmallow (cherry blossom) that flowers in the hot beverage. Available all year long.


V  Frozen S’mores are the camping treat you can eat all year long. A cube of vanilla ice cream wrapped in a chocolate cookie, covered in marshmallow and bruleed to order. Served skewered on an applewood smoked willow branch, you won’t miss the great outdoors one bit.


VI  The Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot, already almost as well known as his most famous creation, is a chocolate chip cookie filled with cold milk – amazing! But plan your trip – these comforting treats are only served after 3 PM.


Photo by Thomas Schauer

10 Things You Need to Eat at Smorgasburg 2017

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How could there possibly be a better way to spend an NYC weekend, than eating your way through the more than a hundred food vendors + trucks that make of the annual festival of indulgence that is Smorgasburg (get it?) – which is underway once again. It will take place every Saturday at Williamsburg’s East River Park and Sunday at Prospect Park, between now and the end of October; and from donuts to short ribs to Shanghai street food, this is our handy guide to what you absolutely need to try.

First tip? Skip breakfast.

1  @duckseasonnyc

Brooklyn Duck Poutine with duck fat fries, duck bacon and aged cheddar

2  @ubekitchen

The top selling halo bowl with salted ube ice cream served in a hollow dragon fruit gourd. Top with your choice of red mung beans and fresh fruits like blackberry, mango and jackfruit. And of course, toasted coconut – because why not?

3  @destinationdumplings

From lamb dumplings with tzatziki to jerk chicken with yuzu pineapple salsa and peking duck dumplings with Hoisin sauce, it’s all amazing.

4  @carnal_bk

Get carnal: smoked short rib, marrow basted and topped with arugula, snap pea and horseradish pesto. Or pork shoulder sliders, slow cooked and tender with a rub made of coriander and ‘nduja (pureed and seasoned pork). Charred pineapple and leek gremolata set it all off.

5  @pop_pasta

Donuts aren’t just for dessert anymore. These handheld pasta and sauce bombs have even hit TV’s the Chew – @pop_pasta is blowing up. Choose from Aglio e olio, red sauce, carbonara or bolognese.

6  @rollplaynyc

“Namchos” or nachos with a Vietnamese twist from @rollplaynyc, featuring marinated beef and pickled carrots over crispy shrimp chips topped with cilantro and special sauce. Their namesake spring rolls are full to bursting with fresh cut veggies, and your choice of caramel pork belly, lemongrass flank steak, glazed tofu or jumbo garlic shrimp.

7  @dulcineanyc

A churro ice cream sandwich is the answer to every question. Ice cream flavors change daily with classics like nutella and strawberry updated with peanut butter and almond milk. The churros are crisp and made daily and sometimes dipped in chocolate. Add your choice of chocolate sauce, crumbled cookie pieces and sprinkles to what is a ridiculous flavor bomb.

8  @outerborough

Pancakes for lunch? Yes, when they are Taiwanese style scallion pancakes filled with crispy popcorn chicken, scallions and cilantro from @outerborough. Popcorn chicken not your thing? Switch to thin sliced braised beef with pickled carrots and borough sauce, a creamy tangy treat. Or try crispy tofu with mint and cucumber, sure to satisfy every palate.

Thank you @omgitsbomb and @ny.foodie for helping us @smorgasburg's top posts this weekend. 🙌

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9  @ohhts

Virtuous, gluten-free and somehow still decadent, @ohhts’ new treat banana bread overnight oats features caramelized banana and layers of thick, creamy yogurt. Other flavors include cherry pie, strawberry shortcake and hint-of-vanilla.

10  @jianbiangcompany

Find Shanghai street food in your Brooklyn backyard with @jianbiangcompany. Their crepe-like batter is spread thin, crisped and then filled with your choice of eggs, beef, chicken, pork or tofu, sweet bean chili sauce and scallions. Folded and wrapped to go, this is the perfect snack for walking around the packed grounds and doing some quality people watching.