Street Art Show @ Henry Settlement

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Sure, street art, like every other mode of expression, has become overdone and passé on the streets of New York, but there’s something alluring about the rebellion of “Visual Slang 2008: The Modern Urban Imagination,” a show featuring graffiti from Tehran and Tel Aviv. Credited with introducing modern graffiti to the Islamic world, Iranian artist A1one has eight works in the exhibition, including a piece that captures the state of mind that typically follows the consumption of a McGriddle. And if rage is central to Iranian street art, Israeli graffiti finds its niche in caustic satire, represented by artists like Ame72 and Zero Cents. While the street art is greener in war-torn nations, any graffiti exhibition would be incomplete without work from NYC — and to that end, the work of six artists do the city justice. The show opens tonight at the Henry Street Settlement on the Lower East Side.