Open Call for Video Art from Non-Artists

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imageSo Jonathan Jones may have made a valid point in his case against video art. Or maybe what Apexart is doing to bring out the video artist in all of us is noble, and more members of the arts community should be less discerning in their quest to find the next Bill Viola. The Lower Manhattan nonprofit has an open call for submissions through September 10, asking applicants to submit cellphone videos. But that doesn’t mean you can’t just turn in any video — like that one time at Pianos when you jumped up on the bar and sang “Valerie.”

Apexart is looking for videos that demonstrate a spirit of urgency — those that just had to be taken, whether to connect with the world at large or just to spy on it. Think Rear Window but with no script, poor resolution, and a fraction of the runtime. The selected cellphone video will be aired in conjunction with “SCRAWL,” a collection of flyers collected from New York streets and subways over the past 25 years.