Lose Your Head In David Altmejd’s Latest Psychedelic Horrorshow

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David Altmejd’s latest installation, The Flux and the Puddle, fills the entire front space of Andrea Rosen Gallery; mirrors on the surrounding walls make it seem even more immersive, full of perspective-trickery and hidden corners. The relentlessly mixed-media sculpture–composed of Plexiglas, gold, feathers, aqua resin, expandable foam, and a dozen other materials–is signature Altmejd: A massive vitrine overflowing with the grotesque, depicting an enigmatic narrative in which pineapples grow mouths and heroic men have their guts dug out and replaced with quart crystals. I snapped a few shots of the piece, presented here,  but I’m still on the fence regarding how it makes me feel. The Flux and the Puddle is impressive, to be sure, but is it guilty of aiming toward blockbuster entertainment rather than art? (Is asking a question like that obnoxious?) At what point do disembodied heads and plastic insects become kitsch? Check out the detail images below–then go experience the piece in person, and share your thoughts in the comments.

Altmejd7 Altmejd5 Altmejd4 Altmejd3 Altmejd2 Altmejd1 Altmejdpine