George W. Bush’s Paintings Revealed

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Months ago, we related the earth-shattering news that George W. Bush had gotten into painting, at least in Major League Baseball’s off-season. Back then it was noted that Bush favored compositions involving dogs and landscapes. Now we can say that the truth of the matter is much, much funnier.

The Smoking Gun yesterday ran a story titled Audacious Hack Exposes Bush Family Pix, E-Mail.” Indeed all sorts of sensitive material would seem to have been unearthed for prying weirdos to enjoy, including info about Bush Sr.’s most recent hospitalization and security codes. But I’d wager that none of it is so fascinating as W.’s self-portraits.

We may never know exactly why W. likes depicting himself in the bathroom. If you ask me there is something of a simple allegory to the moments chosen here: the discredited former leader trying to wash himself clean of the long failure that was his life. Yet even under the shower’s cascade of purifying water, he can see himself—his very soul—in the mirror. “There is no escape from our past but the grave,” his eyes say. “Even with back muscles like mine.”

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