Gagosian Gallery’s “Meet Me Inside” Shirks Wine Reception for Beer & French Fries

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Unlike New York City, it’s always sunny in Beverly Hills. Even in February, when the East Coast is reduced to a bleak tundra, our friends on the West Coast experience temperature dips that only approach 60°. Which then makes perfect sense for the Gagosian Gallery‘s Beverly Hills annex to open up its parking lot and make a post-modern novelty out of a night at the drive-in tomorrow. “Meet Me Outside” is a one-off event held to celebrate the gallery’s latest exhibit “Meet Me Inside”, in lieu of a staid cocktail reception. “Inside” features not only work from the pair of artists whose work together form the centerpiece of “Outside”, but also that of Andy Warhol and Taryn Simon, among sixteen others. Using the work of Tom Sachs and Edward Ruscha, “Outside” attempts to re-create every part of the drive-in experience, from concession stand to feature film.

Most notably, Tom Sachs has pieced together Salt the Fries–a work constructed entirely out of recycled and found objects–to present a functional deep-fryer that will be serving French fries to all patrons. Which should pair well with the cold beer that’ll be on hand. The exhibit launched a month ago and is showing until the end of February.