Joss Whedon Directs Apocalyptic Trump Short (Watch)

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Although some voters are still on the fence about the upcoming election, Joss Whedon has a message that he hopes will sway them. In a new short created by the Buffy and Avengers director, Keegan Michael-Key plays a weatherman predicting the imminent apocalypse after Trump is elected president.

It’s not quite the Sunnydale hell mouth he describes but it’s an equally terrifying outcome. Why risk it?

Watch the short below:

Amanda Palmer is a Nursery Rhyme in ‘Wynken, Blynken, & Nod’ Video

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Amanda Palmer and her father, Jack Palmer recently released an album of folk music covers entitled You Got Me Singing. One such hauntingly beautiful track is “Wynken, Blynken & Nod” based on the Simon Sisters rendition of the Victorian era nursery poem. The father/daughter duo gave it an update in this dreamlike cover.

The video complements the soft airy rhythm of the song, featuring Palmer and friends congregating over her sleeping baby. The time lapse shows them transforming the room into various scenes, as if acting out the child’s dreams while they take place.

You Got Me Singing is now available online. Watch the video below:

Laverne Cox’s Brother M Lamar Explores Race Issues in New Composition

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Photo by M Lamar

As racially charged police brutality runs rampant in America, black voices are louder than ever. In M Lamar’s new composition – for male soprano, piano, and projections – he draws inspiration from the case of Darren Wilson, the white cop who killed Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager.

“He looked up at me and had the most intense, aggressive face… It looks like a demon,” Wilson said in his grand jury testimony.

Wilson describes himself as a “Negrogothic Devil worshipping free black man in the blues tradition.” Lamar’s The Demon Rising conjures white fantasies of blackness as a superhuman and supernatural, menacing force. It also expresses the black subject’s psychic and mythic evolution.

M Lamar’s The Demon Rising takes place November 5, 8PM at The Kitchen in New York. Tickets are available online.

Lady Gaga Goes Full-Rodeo in New Single ‘A-Yo’

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Lady Gaga continues to dazzle middle America with her Bud Light Dive Bar Tour, which yielded another song off of Joanne today: the cheeky, country-pop single “A-Yo.”

The song comes equipped with the bluesiest, most cowboy-ish lyrics Gaga’s ever written: She opens with “I can’t wait to smoke them all/Whole pack like Marlboro” and goes on to use car references like, “I can’t wait to rev you up/Faster than you can say ‘Ferrari.'” Quite the departure from the “I wanna take a ride on your disco stick” of Gaga’s past.

Mother Monster co-wrote the song with Mark Ronson, BloodPop, and “Girl Crush” scribe Hillary Lindsey.

Take a listen below (you may want to find a cowboy hat and a mug of beer first):

Smithsonian Museum Launches $300K Fundraiser for Dorothy’s Slippers

Actress Judy Garland portrays Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz." (AP Photo)
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The Smithsonian Museum has launched a $300,000 Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the proper restoration of Dorothy’s ruby slippers, according to The Washington Post.

The pair of shoes in possession by the museum, one of at least 5 or 6 pairs used in the movie, are faded and visibly damaged:

“Even to the naked eye the damage is quite obvious: the color has faded and the slippers appear dull and washed-out,” the museum explains in their Kickstarter. “The coating on the sequins that give the shoes their hallmark ruby color is flaking off its gelatin base. Some threads that hold sequins in place have broken.”

But not all of that money will go towards actual repairs. The funds will also aid research in how best to display the shoes for longevity’s sake – i.e. temperature, lighting, and upkeep. The slippers will be a part of Smithsonian’s 2018 exhibition “On With the Show.”

But why so much money?

“Federal appropriations provide the foundation of the Smithsonian’s operating budget and support core functions, such as building operations and maintenance, and safeguarding the collections,” the Kickstarter continues. “Projects like the Ruby Slippers aren’t covered by our federal appropriations.”

Smaller scale donations earn you tote bags and other merchandise from costumer designer William Ivey Long, while offerings over $1K can get you a lunch and private tour with museum curators.

Steal This Look: The Queer Brooklyn Pug

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Illustration by Hilton Dresden

We’re back with another edition of “Steal This Look,” and this time, we’re pulling out all the stops with our gender queer, Brooklyn hipster pug on their way to work, coffee in hand. Wondering how to replicate this iconic dress and oversized-demin look? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Only issue here might be that you aren’t a pug. Unless you are – don’t want to assume anything!

The knee-length collared dress.

Here’s what’s important when looking for the right dress to make this look: it should be collared, with a high neckline that buttons up in an ideal world. Also, let’s not let our hems get too short – we’re wearing this to work. This one from Ted Baker works nicely:

The Oversized Denim:

Things to keep in mind while shopping for an oversized denim: contrast collars, dropped shoulder seams, and a good medium-tone wash. Remember to decorate with broaches. This trucker jacket from Levi’s is a great option:

The Bolo Tie:

Get yourself a good bolo tie. Honestly it’s a shocker you haven’t by now. They sell them on Amazon:

Bowling Shoes:

Top the look off with some bowling shoes – if you can snatch some from a bowling alley that’s wronged you (so you don’t have to feel bad about stealing), that’s ideal.

And there you have it, folks. This fashion upgrade brought to you by pugs everywhere.

Comedy Central Orders 8 Episodes of Musical Mashup Series

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Comedy Central has ordered eight episodes of The Comedy Jam, an unscripted series where comedians talk about songs that have held importance for them and then offer their own renditions of said tunes.

The series previously existed as an hourlong special on Viacom, and featured guests as varied as Jay Pharaoh, Pete Davidson, and Adam Devine, who talked and sang about losing his virginity to Blink-182.

The show is based off of a live event in Los Angeles created by Josh Adam Meyers, who will be producing the show with Ugly Brother Studios.

Comedy Central president Kent Alterman said of the series, “We have been working under the false impression that what comedians want most is to have television and digital platforms to further their comedy careers. It turns out they really just want to be rock stars.”

Take a look at Pete Davidson giving his all to “Gangsta’s Paradise” below.

The Comedy Jam is in talks to air early next year.

DNCE’s ‘Body Moves’ Video Features Lots of Skin and Sweat (Watch)

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DNCE has released their new music video for “Body Moves,” and it leaves little to the imagination.

Much of the clip shows lead singer Joe Jonas sans-shirt, entwined with models in elevators and/or surrounded by other semi-nude dancing club kids.

The video is directed by Hannah Lux Davis, and promotes DNCE’s forthcoming debut self-titled full studio album, available for pre-order here. The CD is out November 16.

Check out the racy video below:

The ‘Oh, Hello!’ Boys Took Over For Seth Meyers (Watch)

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Nick Kroll and John Mulaney, stars of the acclaimed two-man play Oh, Hello on Broadway!, took over the host’s desk on Late Night with Seth Meyers this week at a Washinton D.C. taping of the talk show – in character.

The two play Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland, two aging Upper West Side roommates who host a public access prank show, Too Much Tuna, in which they trick their guests by giving them sandwiches overstuffed with tuna. Their comedy act evolved from a sketch on Kroll’s Comedy Central series Kroll Show into an Off-Broadway production and national tour, and now into an Alex Timbers (Peter and the Starcatcher, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson) directed full-scale Broadway play at the Lyceum, and a New York Times Critic’s Pick.

Late Night With Seth Meyers airs on NBC at 12:35 AM EST. It’s currently taping in D.C., where tonight it will host guest Vice President Joe Biden.